Today we are going to look at some of our own research to give you an idea of where enthusiasts go to find information about engine parts. We will also look at how certain age groups tend to visit different outlets to find their answers.

As a part of our own syndicated Hedges & Company research, we sought to find out where enthusiasts find information about engine components. We surveyed 2,768 enthusiasts and asked them where they tend to look for information. Their choices were the following: mail order catalog, social media sites, garage, independent shop, blogs, chain parts store, manufacturer, automobile dealership, automotive forums, magazines, Internet, car clubs, car shows, and friend/relative.

Here is what we found about where different age groups tend to look for information about engine components:

Age 19-24: This age group tends to get their information from automotive forums, the Internet and friends/relatives.

Age 25-34: These young adults prefer to find answers in automotive forums, the Internet and in magazines.

Age 35-44: This middle age group looks to magazines, the Internet and mail order catalogs for information.

Age 45-54: This group prefers the Internet, magazines and mail order catalogs.

Age 55-64: This age group looks to the Internet, direct from the manufacturer and mail order/catalogs for answers.

Age 65+: They will look to the manufacturer, the Internet and mail order/catalogs for information.

You’ll notice that, although a few of the sources of information changed as the age groups did, the fact that the Internet was one of the top sources of information did not change. In this age of technology, consumers are becoming more and more adept at solving problems using sources on the Internet. Remember this fact, as well as the changes between the age groups when you are deciding how to reach your target audience.

What other kind of differences and similarities do you see between the different age groups of automotive enthusiasts?

Tune in tomorrow when we take a look at 3 things you didn’t know about Audi owners.

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