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google shopping automotive digital marketing agency#1: One of the top automotive digital marketing agencies in Google Shopping: $0 to $80,000 in just 30 days.

Here’s a success story other automotive digital marketing agencies would love to have. This client started a new website. We built a custom product feed and started Google Shopping campaigns. In the first 7 months this client sold nearly $800,000 with Google Shopping, with a very high ROI.

Automotive digital marketing services:

Cleaning up product/website data
Create and manage custom data feed for Google Merchant Center
Create Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts
Google Shopping management

#2: Record-setting sales growth from paid search.

Another success story. This client went through several automotive digital marketing agencies before coming to us. We now manage paid search for this client. They’re still setting sales records, and ROI is better than ever.

Automotive digital marketing services:

Cleaning up product/website data
Custom data feed for Google Merchant Center
Google Shopping management
Google Ads & Bing Ads management
Access to exclusive Google Ads platforms beta testing

#3: Helping manage a new site launch with SEO best practices.

A digital agency success story in SEO. We consulted with developers on site structure and created an SEO strategy to dominate the competitive landscape.

Automotive digital marketing services:

Strategic growth consulting
Monitoring competitive landscape
Search engine optimization

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heat map digital marketing agencyautomotive digital agency heat mapping#4: Conversion rate optimization (CRO) to increase sales.

We analyze user experience (UX) and do conversion rate optimization (CRO) for client websites. We run heat mapping software and record user clicks and scrolls to really understand how shoppers interact with a website. This client’s conversion rate and organic rankings improved.

Automotive digital marketing services:

Heat mapping analysis
Analyze visitor session recordings
Perform site layout optimizations

digital marketing agency email#5: One of the best automotive digital marketing agencies for email: From $0 to $226,000 in revenue.

We’re email marketing experts. For this client, we built an email database, made an email marketing calendar and created email content. Year 2 showed a 50%-60% year-over-year sales increase, with 11:1 ROI.

Digital marketing services provided:

Fully managed email marketing
Set up Google Analytics to track conversions

We work with the leading automotive web platforms, automotive data providers and data formats

Magento ecommerce platform
WordPress platform
web shop manager auto parts
revolution parts ecommerce platform
etool developers auto parts websites
Woocommerce for WordPress
BigCommerce web platform
Shopify ecommerce web platform
PIES auto parts data standard
ACES auto parts data standard
dci auto parts data
sema data coop parts data seo
PartsHub auto parts data

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