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Pickup Truck Owner Demographics: Who Buys Pickup Trucks?

Here is some information on full-size pickup truck owner demographics from our automotive database. This article helps answer the question, "who buys pickup trucks?" in 2018. Demographics of pickup truck buyers vary a lot from make to make. Light…
hybrid vehicles by state

Registered vehicles by state: fun facts

Looking at registered vehicles by state in the US we found some interesting things that you can use for your next trivia contest for categories like "registered vehicles by state" or "number of vehicles in US." Most popular vehicle by state The…
big data shootout vehicle registrations

Big Data Shootout: Vehicles In Operation (VIO) Stats for New Mustang, Challenger and Camaro

Who's winning the new vehicle registration race for late model muscle cars in 2016? We wanted to see which car had the most total new vehicle registrations, as well as the biggest increase or decrease for the first half of 2016 vs. last year.…

Trend 18: Where Consumers Find Information on Engine Parts, by Age Group

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Today we are going to look at some of our own research to give you an idea of where enthusiasts go to find information about engine parts. We will also look at how certain age groups tend to visit different outlets to find their answers. As…

Trend 24: Where Crankshaft Buyers Find Information

Have you ever wondered where automotive enthusiasts find information about products, vehicles, maintenance, and what's going on in the automotive world? We surveyed automotive enthusiasts who had recently bought or shopped for crankshafts to…
Google automotive

Trend 47: Online Research Leads to Local Purchases

According to an Automotive Aftermarket Study in 2010 performed by Google, the average online research to offline purchase conversion rate for auto parts is 85%. In other words, of all buyers who research online to make an in-store purchase,…

Camshaft Buyers Look to Improve Performance in Their Vehicles

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Today's trend takes a look at camshaft consumers based on our surveys of enthusiasts who have purchased camshafts. Our BuyerZoom reports show consumer shopping habits and behavior based on surveys sent to over 3,000 automotive enthusiasts.…
Emails can quickly reach thousands of customers

4 Ways to Increase Email Effectiveness

Here are a few tips on how to increase your email marketing effectiveness. 1). Segment your emails. Know who your auto parts customers are, and what appeals to them. Instead of sending the same email to your entire list, consider breaking them…
Amazon and eBay sales of auto parts

Facts About Amazon and eBay Automotive Market Share

Today we'll cover the trend of sales of auto parts and accessories (called "P&A") through and eBay Motors and their market share. Combined, these two online giants represented a whopping $3.5 billion in sales of auto parts and…
Google automotive

5 Secrets About Social Media and The Auto Parts Buying Process

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Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites play a huge role in the everyday lives of millions, but do they influence the buying decisions of automotive enthusiasts and automotive DIY consumers? Here are some facts to keep in mind. 1). Enthusiasts…

2 Things to Know About 2012 Auto Parts Sales

Today we look at the aftermarket trend of retail sales of auto parts and accessories for the first half of 2012. Our preliminary 2011 forecast put the entire industry up 4.5% over 2010 and it came in at 5%. Here are two things you should know…