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How Many Cars Are There In The World in 2022?

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There are about 1.446 billion vehicles on Earth in 2022. About 21% of those vehicles are in the United States. Let's dig into more detail on how many cars are there in the world and other global automotive stats, including cars per capita.Most…
SUV demographics

New Car Buyer Demographics

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We get asked a lot of questions about new car buyer demographics so we wanted to do some in-depth data analysis to see who buys new cars in 2020. Buying a new vehicle is a major household expenditure. It is reported that Baby Boomers...
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Number of Licensed Drivers in USA 2022

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Need to know how many drivers are in the USA? What's the percentage of Americans with driver's licenses? This information isn't always easy to find, so we put some stats together on the number of licensed drivers in the US 2022 and how many Americans...

GVWR Classes, GVW Classes, Definitions and FAQs

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Here are some common questions we get on GVWR classifications and definitions. We hope you consider this useful information on GVWR classes, weight classifications and definitions of a light, medium or heavy duty truck.Q: What does GVWR…