We’re a Cleveland SEO company that specializes in reaching enthusiasts online. Our focus since 2004 has been in the automotive industry. Our clients are all across the United States, in Canada and Europe.

If you need a Cleveland SEO company with in-depth knowledge about the automotive aftermarket, you’ve come to the right website!

Although we’re a Cleveland SEO company, we’re also a Cleveland PPC company.

Not just a Cleveland SEO company, we’re also a Premier Google Partner Agency. We provide pay-per-click (PPC) Google Ads management services. We specialize in search marketing, mobile, display and Google Shopping.

As Google puts it, “Work with the best. The badge recognizes companies that excel with Google’s products. Google Partners are online marketing companies, trusted by Google.

We’re also experts at Google Shopping campaigns and managing Google Merchant Center product data feeds for Google Shopping. We also have a big background in managing successful remarketing/retargeting campaigns.

Cleveland SEO company officeCleveland SEO experts!

As a Cleveland SEO company we give you extensive SEO experience reaching enthusiast consumers. We’re SEO experts because we do our own SEO research and case studies. We know what works for SEO and why. We invite you to read some of our articles on SEO on our blog.

Our clients include some of the top national automotive aftermarket brands. We work with large corporations owned by private equity investors, down to small family businesses.

Our expertise in SEO is with enthusiast markets, the automotive aftermarket and the automotive industry. We’ve worked with some of the best manufacturers and retailers in the business.

We understand the buying process and path to purchase. Auto parts buyers obsess with online research before buying any product. 90% of them do research before buying anything, so being visible online is important to your success.

Cleveland ppc companyA #CLE digital advertising agency specializing in enthusiast markets

We’ve been serving our clients since 2004 with a focus on enthusiast, lifestyle and hobbyist markets. Consumers who shop for products for their hobby behave much differently than consumers looking for consumer packaged goods (CPG). Our clients have included large multinational corporations but we also work with dozens of large and small manufacturers and online retailers selling products to enthusiasts and hobbyists.

Digital advertising Cleveland style, with a great team and customer service!

We pride ourselves on having great marketing solutions and attention to customer service. Thanks to our talented and hard-working digital marketing team we have low client turnover. We’re a digital advertising agency you’ll love to work with. We’re not afraid to have our marketing work measured. In fact, we insist on it. All our clients get full reporting on what they spend, what they sold as a result, with all details on work we’ve performed or will perform. We’re big believers in having a strategic vision to help you grow.

A Cleveland SEO company with a national reputation

You may not have heard of us around the greater Cleveland metro area. That’s probably because we specialize in serving enthusiast companies across the United States. However, we’re very well known inside the automotive aftermarket. Hedges & Company principals are regularly invited to speak at industry conferences and have been quoted by trade publications and other news outlets. We’re often a source for automotive data and industry analysis. We’ve supplied data and analysis for national news outlets such as NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams and Bloomberg Businessweek. Even though we’re a marketing agency based here, we’ve been listed in Direct Marketing News magazine’s Top US Agencies Report.

Digital marketing in Cleveland: paid and organic search

Sometimes “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) is used as a generic term for “marketing a website online.” To be precise, SEO refers to the process of optimizing and improving your organic, or non-paid, rankings in search engine results. The goal is to have your company show up as high as possible in the rankings on the search engine results page (SERP).
On the other hand, PPC (Pay Per Click) refers to paid search ads, either text ads on the SERP or display ads that appear on other websites, and the process to manage that advertising. Managing PPC services includes managing the marketing budget, the spend, building out online campaigns and keywords and measuring the results. It also involved extensive testing to ensure maximum ROI.

One attractive thing about PPC in this market is the ability to target your ads geographically. Your ads can appear in the Cleveland DMA which includes much of northern Ohio, or your ads can selectively target Cuyahoga County for example, or neighborhoods or ZIP codes. We can also target areas around Cleveland using a radius around any geographic location (sometimes a radius may include a large part of Lake Erie, but don’t worry, walleye usually don’t click on ads). This geographic targeting reaches many suburbs to the west, south or east, and along the lakeshore.

SEO or PPC, what you should know about using both together

Whether you’re looking at the greater Cleveland market or a nationwide audience, the concept of using SEO combined with PPC are basically the same. Organic marketing of your website, is enhanced when combined with PPC paid search campaigns. We’re commonly asked about this because some people have assumed you don’t need both but we’ve done several case studies on this, as has Google, and if you do some searching online you’ll find many more case studies on this topic.

Combining SEO with PPC results in incremental traffic to your website and incremental sales, one does not detract or interfere with the other. One reason for this is the concept of SERP “real estate.” We like to occupy as much SERP real estate for our clients as we can, which bumps competitors off the first page to the second or third page. Well executed social marketing campaigns are also a way of taking up more SERP real estate and we use social marketing primarily for an SEO function/purpose.
For more information on combining organic with paid marketing, please browse through our blog to read our case studies. Here is one of our most recent.

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To learn more about Hedges & Company and our range of digital marketing services, please watch the videos below, showing some of our services in online marketing, PPC, SEO, vehicle registration data, and other digital marketing services and online marketing services.

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