Today, we are going to look at some of our own auto parts market research to better understand how long it takes an enthusiast to actually purchase a product after they have made the decision to buy.

This graph shows the length of the buying cycle: how long it takes for an auto parts buyer to make a buying decision, and actually purchase the part. This is important as you measure your online PPC campaigns or evaluate the effectiveness of your auto parts SEO.

As a part of our own syndicated Hedges & Company research, we sought to find out how long it took enthusiasts to make the actual purchase after deciding to buy.

We surveyed more than 2,500 automotive enthusiasts, and asked them what the average length of time was from when they decide to buy an auto part or accessory to when they actually buy that part or accessory.

The data shows that, once they’ve made up their minds to buy, enthusiasts tend to act quickly. Sixty-seven percent of enthusiasts tend to make the purchase within a week. Of all the choices, enthusiasts chose 1 to 6 days as their average waiting time most often at 38%. Ninety-one percent of enthusiasts make their purchase within a month.

The online buying process: important for auto parts SEO and PPC

It’s also worth noting that online shoppers will behave in a similar way. On average only about 50% of online auto parts and accessory shoppers will make a purchase the same day they visit a website, and about 45% will make a purchase on Day 2 through Day 30. That’s important to keep in mind as you work on auto parts SEO or on your auto parts PPC (pay per click) marketing campaigns and measure your ROI.

Check our blog tomorrow for a look at bringing the web to your vehicle.

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