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Auto Parts Market Research: Performance Parts Search up 20%, Mobile up 45%

Google AdWords auto parts search terms

This AdWords research covers consumers searching online for auto parts that modify a vehicle’s performance. Online queries for performance modifying search terms grew 20% in the third quarter 2015 over the previous year, according to search metrics released by Google (scroll to the bottom to download your own copy of the report). One of the notable stats is that mobile searches for performance modifying search terms increased 45%, while desktop queries actually dropped 2%, from the third quarter 2014. This marks at least the fourth consecutive year that online search for performance-type keywords as a whole grew in volume,...

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Ways Millennials Are Changing the Automotive Aftermarket

gen y marketing

Note: To get a true Generation Y marketing perspective, our genuine Gen-Y marketing intern, Brad, researched and wrote this article, which dispels a lot of myths about marketing to the millennial generation. Generation Y, better known as the millennial generation (born in 1980-2000), is the first generation to grow up with modern technology and this influences how millennials view cars and car accessories. For this generation, technology is not just another accessory; it is necessity and a way of life. Millennials find it extremely important to have top of the line technology that can be synchronized between devices. Millennials...

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How Lifetime Value (LTV) Enhances Your Online Marketing and Grows Profits | Database Marketing Part 2

excel formula

The lifetime value of a customer calculation is very useful. It lets automotive marketers know how much money to invest to gain a new customer. Calculating lifetime value lets you know what a customer is worth to your business. Our previous blog post briefly touched on lifetime value, as it served as an introduction to this one. This post will dig much deeper, giving the reader a fuller understanding of lifetime value and how it can really improve the effectiveness of your marketing budget and how you should market to returning customers. Lifetime value of the online customer defined...

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Automotive Mailing Lists vs. Vehicle Registration Data: Which Best Suits Your Needs?

Automotive mailing list data and vehicle registration data are two different types of data that are confused quite frequently. Both of these forms of data have a large significance when it comes to researching, marketing, and collecting data for promotional purposes. This article will thoroughly explain both list data and registration data to clarify the differences. Automotive mailing list data Automotive mailing list data is utilized when a client wants to contact a vehicle owner. The consumers’ address will be available because, in order to stay compliant with regulations, our list data is not based on state DMV registrations. Our list data...

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Auto Parts SEO vs Paid Search Case Study #3

ppc seo case study

We posted results of a case study on paid search for auto parts vs. search engine optimization (SEO) back in January, and we posted the results of one back in May, 2014. Here is another case study showing actual results before, during and after paid brand advertising was paused for a client selling performance auto parts online. The parameters of this test were simple: our client was running paid search ads for a variety of parts on their site, plus paid search ads for their own brand name. We paused all brand name ads as a test. In cooperation...

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How to Have Free Online Advertising Campaigns For Your Brand: Here Are 3 Ideas to Try

auto parts ppc remarketing

Auto parts manufacturers and resellers in the automotive aftermarket spend a lot of money to keep their brand in front of parts shoppers. Here are three ways to have an online brand advertising campaign at no cost when combined with paid search. If you’re already doing PPC advertising using these ideas can boost your brand awareness online for free. When we say “online brand advertising campaign” we mean showing ads for your brand (or your products) using online banner ads. Free brand advertising idea #1: A basic PPC display campaign At the most basic level, here’s how to have...

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Big Data Shootout: Mustang vs Camaro vs Challenger Vehicles in Operation (VIO) Stats

big data shootout vehicle registrations

We looked at our US vehicle registration database of 246.9 million vehicles to see who’s winning the new vehicle registration statistics for 2014. The results of our Big Data Shootout looking at new Vehicles in Operation (VIO) were a little surprising. We took registration data for new 2014 Chevrolet Camaros, Ford Mustangs and Dodge Challengers and pitted these late model muscle cars head-to-head for our first Big Data Shootout. We wanted to see which car had the most total registrations, as well as the biggest increase or decrease from last year. We analyzed year-to-date registrations through May 2014 and...

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How Online Auto Parts Buyers Shop for Parts & Accessories

If you sell auto parts online, then your website needs to make a great first impression because online shoppers are fleeting. This is good information to keep in mind if you’re marketing your online parts store with an automotive paid search or SEO campaign. In a recent study published by Google, it was revealed that auto parts buyers visit a lot of sites, tend to not come back much, and make fairly quick decisions. Here are some highlights of the Google online shopping study. 3 out of 4 shoppers visit several auto parts sites before buying online Most auto parts...

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Auto Parts Marketing: Case Studies in Automotive SEO vs PPC

auto seo and ppc visits

SEO case studies: If you sell aftermarket car parts online and are new to PPC (paid search), or are just focused on SEO, you may wonder what will happen to your site’s existing organic traffic when you start paid search marketing. It’s a frequent question we get often. Here are the results of two auto parts SEO case studies showing actual results before and after we started paid search campaigns. Plus, at the bottom of this article is some extra information on an SEO/PPC analysis done by Google. In both case studies total site traffic and sales grew when PPC was...

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Automotive SEO Ranking Factors and Correlations Study

automotive SEO correlation factors moz

If you sell automotive parts or services online then you need to know what we discovered in our automotive SEO ranking factors and correlations study. This study evaluated factors that may contribute to a high SEO ranking in Google. This market research should be interesting to SEMA, Auto Care Association, MEMA or AASA members. Only Google knows the actual factors that contribute to high organic rankings and this study doesn’t “prove” these factors will result in a high automotive SEO rankings. But, for organic search results, it does show what highly-ranked automotive web pages have in common. We’re indebted...

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Gift Ideas and Wish Lists: Tools to Increase Online Sales & Conversions This Holiday Season

Gift Ideas and Wish Lists: Tools to Increase Online Sales & Conversions This Holiday Season

If you sell auto parts online, you can increase online sales using website enhancements like gift idea suggestions and wish lists. Assuming you’re using search engine optimization (SEO) or pay per click (PPC) advertising, it’s a great way to maximize sales from the shoppers already on your website. These ideas will let you capture more auto parts and accessories buyers and keep them on your site. Read on for more ways to attract customers and make sure their experience on your website allows them to shop and spend painlessly. Selling in the automotive aftermarket during the holiday season isn’t...

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Why Long Tail Search Changed Automotive SEO and Paid Search Forever

long tail search google

In SEO or automotive paid search, long tail keywords are the key to gaining more traffic and more sales. This has become even more important with Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm update, signaling huge new opportunity in search engine optimization. This is an important automotive aftermarket trend for 2013 and beyond, if you sell online. Auto SEO and long tail search keywords defined First, let’s define what long tail searches are and why they’re important for automotive SEO and paid search, especially in the aftermarket. Long tail keywords are phrases used in search using three or more words, such as...

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Google Product Listing Ads: Boost Your Paid Search Campaigns This Holiday Season

Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) can help increase your online sales of auto parts and accessories this holiday season and we’ll tell you why and how to advertise on Google using PLAs. They make your online paid search/pay per click (PPC) campaigns more cost effective. The holidays —­­­­­ the time of the year when online shopping booms and customers seem to spend endless dollars buying more and more products online. But are the customers spending those dollars buying your products? Are they even finding your products online? Here are Google Product Listing Ad methods and strategies to help your...

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Hedges & Company Earns Google Partner Badge

Today Google rolled out their new Google Partners program, replacing the old Google Certified Partners (GCP) and Google Engage program. We were honored to receive our Partners badge today. The “official” roll out is October 2 so we were especially proud to receive one day early! As a Google Partner we have earned the Google Partner badge, meaning we have met Google’s certification requirements to provide pay per click (PPC) online marketing services. As Google puts it, “Work with the best. Google Partners are online marketing companies, trusted by Google.” “The badge recognizes companies that excel with Google’s products....

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Top 5 Aftermarket Online Holiday Sales Days

Christmas shopping auto parts

We recently participated in a free webinar to help companies in the automotive aftermarket prepare for 2013 online holiday shopping, called “6 Ways to Increase Online Sales This Holiday Season,” along with the web experts at WebShopManager. As the holiday selling season approaches you’ll want to prepare your email marketing plan and work on your search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC)/paid search marketing plans, as you plan for this important aftermarket industry trend. Top holiday online sales days: 2012 and 2013 If you sell automotive parts and accessories online and you are planning for the holidays,...

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Top 6 Auto Aftermarket Trends Halfway Through 2013

truck registration records

Automobile and truck sales are up this year, so here are the top six auto industry trends and aftermarket trends to watch based on vehicle registrations for the first half of 2013 compared to the same period in 2012. Total vehicle registrations are up +7.6% over last year, with 7,755,110 total new vehicles registered through June 2013. Here are the automotive trends that are really driving sales growth this year: Auto Industry Trend 1: Trucks and SUVs are hot. New car registrations are up 4.9% but light trucks and SUVs, like this Ford F-150 (right), are helping fuel the...

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