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Online Parts Sales to Top $10 Billion in 2018

online sales auto parts

Summary of our 2018 Annual Forecast of Online Auto Parts: • Online auto parts sales will break $10B for the first time, excluding auctions and used parts; a key automotive aftermarket industry trend for 2018. • Almost $138B in auto parts & accessory sales, through all channels, will be influenced by online activity. • Over $5B in auto parts & accessory sales will be on mobile devices in 2018. • Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) projects the total aftermarket to have compound annual growth rate of 3.6% through 2019; Do It Yourself (DIY) retail sales to grow at approximately...

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Car Parts Industry Trends: Online Parts Sales to Reach $8.9 Billion in 2017

NOTE: This article has been updated for 2018. Please follow this link. Our annual ecommerce automotive aftermarket industry size forecast for vehicle parts puts online retail sales at $8.89 billion in 2017, posting a 16% increase over 2016. Online Parts Sales Summary: …Ecommerce car parts sales are outpacing brick & mortar, will reach $8.9B excluding auctions and used parts …Over $4B in online sales will be on mobile devices in 2017 …Ecommerce car parts sales projected to grow by 15% in 2017 and 2018 …Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) projects total aftermarket to have compound annual growth rate of...

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Online Search for Motorcycle Parts & Accessories Growing From Mobile Traffic

motorcycle seo

Google has released their latest report on online search statistics for motorcycle parts and accessory (P&A) shoppers. Consistent with what we’re seeing for search stats for other categories, searches done on mobile devices are primarily responsible for growth (scroll down for your free copy of the full report, available as a PDF download). Total search queries for motorcycle parts and accessories grew 16% in Q4 2015 over the previous year. Although desktop searches declined 7%, mobile searches grew by 45%, bringing total search volume up. Google AdWords research: Mobile drives motorcycle parts & accessory eCommerce If you have an...

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Auto Parts Marketing: Online Parts Sales to Reach $7.4 Billion in 2016

size of automotive industry

Note: this article is from January 2016. For an updated forecast, click here for a more current article. How big is the automotive aftermarket industry? Ecommerce auto parts sales will narrow the gap with traditional brick and mortar retail sales in 2016, and reach $7.4 billion excluding auctions and used parts. Ecommerce auto parts sales are projected to grow about 16% in 2016. The Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) Joint Channel Forecast Model projects conventional retail do it yourself (DIY) sales to grow 3.5% in 2016. The size of the online auto parts market—sales of automotive and truck parts...

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How Lifetime Value (LTV) Enhances Your Online Marketing and Grows Profits | Database Marketing Part 2

excel formula

The lifetime value of a customer calculation is very useful. It lets automotive marketers know how much money to invest to gain a new customer. Calculating lifetime value lets you know what a customer is worth to your business. Our previous blog post briefly touched on lifetime value, as it served as an introduction to this one. This post will dig much deeper, giving the reader a fuller understanding of lifetime value and how it can really improve the effectiveness of your marketing budget and how you should market to returning customers. Lifetime value of the online customer defined...

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Cyber Season Online Shopping Stats

Christmas shopping auto parts

As the 2014 holiday shopping season is underway let’s look at online sales vs. brick and mortar sales. “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” are on a lot of people’s minds so we’ll break down the stats for you with some quick facts: Black Friday brick & mortar sales down In general, consumers are continuing the shift from brick and mortar to online. That’s obvious. Although Black Friday is still a big day for brick and mortar store sales, actual sales from Black Friday are dropping. The National Retail Federation reports 55% of holiday shoppers were in stores and shopping online...

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Auto Parts: Online Sales to Break $6 Billion in 2015

online auto parts sales

(Editor’s note: this article was originally published in November 2014,  for an updated forecast, click here for a more current article. Aftermarket auto parts online continues to grow as a sales channel, and online sales will break the $6 billion mark in 2015. It’s an amazing online shopping growth statistic for our industry and auto parts market size is an aftermarket industry trend that we follow closely. Online sales of new auto parts, excluding online auctions, broke $5 billion for the first time in 2014 and will increase over 17% to hit $6 billion in 2015. That trend will...

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Automotive Industry Trends: Auto Parts & Tire Stores Start 2014 With 3.1% Sales Increase

auto parts and tire stores retail sales april 2014

Automotive parts and tire stores are showing a sales increase over last year, in one of the important automotive industry trends for 2014. Brick and mortar auto parts, auto accessory and tire stores showed a 3.7% sales increase in April 2014, over April 2013 (see chart at left). That’s a strong follow up to a 4.0% increase in March, compared to one year ago in March 2013. Aftermarket car parts sales YTD: auto parts retail sales up 3.1% January 2014 showed a 2.5% increase and February had a 2.1% increase, over one year ago. That puts 2014 auto parts...

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Auto Parts Marketing: Case Studies in Automotive SEO vs PPC

auto seo and ppc visits

SEO case studies: If you sell aftermarket car parts online and are new to PPC (paid search), or are just focused on SEO, you may wonder what will happen to your site’s existing organic traffic when you start paid search marketing. It’s a frequent question we get often. Here are the results of two auto parts SEO case studies showing actual results before and after we started paid search campaigns. Plus, at the bottom of this article is some extra information on an SEO/PPC analysis done by Google. In both case studies total site traffic and sales grew when PPC was...

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Auto Parts Sales: Is Google Forecasting a Good 2nd Quarter?

Google automotive

A promising second quarter of 2014 for auto parts and tire sales may be on the way, based off data from Google Trends. The ability to use Google Trends to forecast certain things such as flu outbreaks is well documented. We used data from Google to plot changes in search volume for the Vehicle Parts & Accessories search category (blue line), against changes in retail sales of auto parts, accessories and tires (red). The correlation is stunning. This chart shows changes in search volume for all searches in the US in the Vehicle Parts & Accessories category. This is plotted against against changes...

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Gift Ideas and Wish Lists: Tools to Increase Online Sales & Conversions This Holiday Season

Gift Ideas and Wish Lists: Tools to Increase Online Sales & Conversions This Holiday Season

If you sell auto parts online, you can increase online sales using website enhancements like gift idea suggestions and wish lists. Assuming you’re using search engine optimization (SEO) or pay per click (PPC) advertising, it’s a great way to maximize sales from the shoppers already on your website. These ideas will let you capture more auto parts and accessories buyers and keep them on your site. Read on for more ways to attract customers and make sure their experience on your website allows them to shop and spend painlessly. Selling in the automotive aftermarket during the holiday season isn’t...

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Google Product Listing Ads: Boost Your Paid Search Campaigns This Holiday Season

Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) can help increase your online sales of auto parts and accessories this holiday season and we’ll tell you why and how to advertise on Google using PLAs. They make your online paid search/pay per click (PPC) campaigns more cost effective. The holidays —­­­­­ the time of the year when online shopping booms and customers seem to spend endless dollars buying more and more products online. But are the customers spending those dollars buying your products? Are they even finding your products online? Here are Google Product Listing Ad methods and strategies to help your...

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Top 6 Auto Aftermarket Trends Halfway Through 2013

truck registration records

Automobile and truck sales are up this year, so here are the top six auto industry trends and aftermarket trends to watch based on vehicle registrations for the first half of 2013 compared to the same period in 2012. Total vehicle registrations are up +7.6% over last year, with 7,755,110 total new vehicles registered through June 2013. Here are the automotive trends that are really driving sales growth this year: Auto Industry Trend 1: Trucks and SUVs are hot. New car registrations are up 4.9% but light trucks and SUVs, like this Ford F-150 (right), are helping fuel the...

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Aftermarket Marketing: 2013 Online Sales of Auto Parts & Accessories Growing

Online sales of auto parts and accessories 2013

Note: this article is originally from June 2013,  for an updated forecast, click here for a more current article. Online sales of auto parts and accessories continue to significantly outpace brick and mortar sales. It’s one of the biggest auto aftermarket industry trends to watch for 2013. The growth in online sales of auto parts has been much faster than the rest of the industry for many years. This year will continue that trend and we’re forecasting online sales to grow by 15.5% from 2012. We’re projecting online sales of auto parts and accessories to be nearly $4.4 billion...

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Auto Parts Customer Behavior in Google Analytics (or, Where the Heck Do My Customers Come From??)

You can improve automotive SEO  and Google AdWords paid search results by understanding how automotive parts and accessory customers originally find your website, and how they return to make a purchase. You can discover a lot of information hidden in the Multi-Channel Funnels reporting section of Google Analytics (menu shown at left) so as an automotive aftermarket digital marketing agency we thought we’d pass this along in our blog. As Google puts it, “…these days, the customer journey has grown more complex.” Amen! Customers can come to your site from many marketing channels: social media, email, paid search ads...

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Enthusiasts: Time Between Decision and Actual Purchase of Auto Parts & Accessories

Today, we are going to look at some of our own auto parts market research to better understand how long it takes an enthusiast to actually purchase a product after they have made the decision to buy. As a part of our own syndicated Hedges & Company research, we sought to find out how long it took enthusiasts to make the actual purchase after deciding to buy. We surveyed more than 2,500 automotive enthusiasts, and asked them what the average length of time was from when they decide to buy an auto part or accessory to when they actually...

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