Amazon and eBay sales of auto parts

66 aftermarket trends and factsToday we’ll cover the trend of sales of auto parts and accessories (called “P&A”) through and eBay Motors and their market share.

Combined, these two online giants represented a whopping $3.5 billion in sales of auto parts and accessories in 2011! That means for every retail dollar generated in the specialty parts aftermarket, seven to 10 cents flow through eBay or Amazon…and that’s not counting PayPal, eBay’s payment processing business.Amazon and eBay sales of auto parts, ebay auto parts statistics

eBay auto parts statistics

Sales channel or reseller? Remember, eBay is not a single reseller, we consider it a sales channel because thousands of sellers use it to sell auto parts and accessories. For this reason, we don’t count eBay Motors sales and auctions in our total figure of annual online auto parts sales. It is also important to note that Amazon is both a reseller (Amazon stocks and sells its own inventory of specialty auto parts) and a sales channel (it is a marketplace for many auto parts retailers).

eBay automotive facts (eBay Motors)

Both eBay Motors and Amazon have about a 30% annual growth rate. Amazon and eBay are both growing extremely fast, plugging along at around 30% annual growth, which far outpaces the rest of online sales of specialty auto parts. If Amazon and eBay continue at this pace, in a few years they’ll be at a combined $6 billion per year.

What do you think? Do you sell on Amazon or eBay? Does it affect your business?