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amazon auto parts sales, market shareRead articles on Amazon auto parts news and Amazon’s amazing growth. We include Amazon sales trends, news, articles, analysis and information. This is useful for SEMA, AASA, or Auto Care Association members. It may also be useful for private investors following AMZN stock on the NASDAQ exchange.

In these articles we cover Amazon’s online sales volume for auto parts and accessories. In 2020 Amazon is at $8.3 billion for parts and accessories, plus $1.9 billion in OEM replacement parts sales for a combined total of $10.3 billion.

First party sales, or “FBA” also called “1P” will hit $4.6 billion in 2020.

Third party sales through Amazon are called “3P” and will be around $5.7 billion in 2020.

Amazon auto parts sales statistics

We have sales statistics on Amazon auto parts, which have significant annual sales growth. Amazon is now the largest online retailer of auto parts in the world. Learn about Amazon’s 2020 sales data along with growth trends for the future, for 2021 and beyond.

Biggest auto parts eCommerce companies and Amazon’s auto parts market share

Amazon’s auto parts market share is the largest in the world. They’re not only the biggest auto parts eCommerce company in the world, they dominate many other product categories. Learn about Amazon’s auto parts market share.


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Auto Parts eCommerce Platforms

Aftermarket Analysis
Here's the ultimate comparison of the 54 best auto parts eCommerce platforms. Websites selling parts and accessories have a unique requirement for shoppers to easily find parts based on fitment. If you're looking for an auto parts eCommerce website builder we strongly recommend using one that understands fitment...