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Google ads not showing? Need online marketing support? Read these articles on Google Ads (formerly called Google AdWords) research, management articles and information. We give you some how-to tips, information on Google Analytics and more. Google AdWords became Ads in August 2018.

Google Ads Not Showing?

future of automotive by GoogleUsually there are some specific reasons why your Google Ads are not showing. It could be due to incorrect settings, incorrect targeting, or your payment didn’t go through. Here are some common reasons to check to get your ads running again:

  1. Your clickthrough rate (CTR) is too low because your ad copy isn’t optimized. Look at your ad copy and see if your ad is written well and relevant to your target audience. If you have a low CTR your ad will be at a disadvantage in the real-time auction and won’t show in favor of other ads that are better targeted. You may need to look at analysis of your Google ads.
  2. Your negative keywords are too broad. Look at your negative keywords and make sure they’re not impacting the actual keywords you want the ad to show for.
  3. Keyword search volume is too low. Keywords with low (or no) search volume can result in Google making an ad inactive. See our article on consumer search patterns for more information on how consumers use keywords.
  4. Payment didn’t go through. Log into your Google Ads account, go to settings and make sure there isn’t a problem with your credit card.
  5. Your budget has been maxed out. Look at the daily budget for your campaign. If your budget is too low your ads may not be showing later in the day. Google will show you a warning for this in your account.
  6. Check your Google Ads scheduling and also whether an ad, ad group or campaign is paused or not. Sometimes ads don’t show simply because of an error in scheduling or something has been paused.

Ads on Google Search and Types of Ads

Learn about placing ads on Google Search to show for queries for automotive aftermarket products and services. Articles written by a digital marketing agency specializing in paid search (PPC) for the automotive aftermarket.

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