Google AdBirds April Fool's PrankApril 1, 2014

Hedges & Company, a Google Partner agency specializing in the automotive aftermarket, is proud to announce we have been selected by Google to participate in a new advertising format called Google AdBirds.

AdBirds is an exciting new avian advertising format that takes marketer’s campaigns to new heights by placing ads on real birds.

AdBirds can range from the penguin (Aptenodytes googelus) which works best for local advertising in cold climates, to the pigeon (Patagioenas paeperclickius) which is ideal for urban areas, to the sparrow (Arremonops advertisicus) which is small, quick and efficient. Majestic, soaring birds such as the eagle may require a higher bid – this option is not cheep. Selecting multiple species will lower your total cost per aviary (CPA) and improve your overall return on avian spend (ROAS).

Hedges & Company handles the entire advertising process for you, from writing your ad, to selecting your bird, to managing your cost per cluck (CPC). Then, your AdBirds ads are ready for takeoff.

Bids may be placed on various parts of the bird and options include beak, head, wings or tail feathers.

Google AdBirds April Fool's Prank

Google advises that no birds will be harmed by using this new ad format.

Online marketers should not confuse Google AdBirds with Twitter, another bird-based medium. While the cardinal rule for Twitter is that it is a great social outlet for random tweets on a lark, Google AdBirds is a very targeted and swift marketing platform ideal for marketers who may have previously chickened out from online advertising.

To take full advantage of new Google AdBirds, contact Hedges & Company for complete details and let us work up a no-obligation quote to let your marketing message soar above the competition.

On a related note, the staff at Hedges & Company would like to wish you a happy April Fool’s Day 2014!

 (Hats off to the folks at Google for a great April Fool’s Day prank that we couldn’t help “adapting” for our own blog.)


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  1. Kili Porowski
    Kili Porowski says:

    Wonderful article! We will be linking to this great article on our website. Keep up the great writing.

  2. Ben Gross
    Ben Gross says:

    Real Bird Advertising Company sets the record straight about Google’s April Fool’s Prank

  3. Jason Lancaster
    Jason Lancaster says:

    I would have gone with “cost-per-chirp” for CPC, but otherwise I liked this. 🙂

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