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auto parts SEO company If you sell auto parts and need automotive SEO we can help.
After all, you found this page using SEO!

Looking at auto parts SEO companies?

We're different: First, we work with you at a strategic level on your organic results, to understand your search goals and maximize organic opportunities. Second, we guarantee a specific amount of time we'll spend on your SEO – that's because once we start a project, we typically discover new inbound marketing opportunities for you. Some digital marketing agencies quote on a specific number of keywords or pages they will work on, but quoting on a pre-defined set of keywords doesn't make sense in the auto aftermarket or for your website!

auto parts seo servicesOptimize your website to be found by consumers shopping online for automotive parts & accessories. We know how to fix your website to improve your organic rankings for the main search types done by car parts buyers: part type searches, year, make, model or submodel searches, part function searches, part symptom searches, and part number and brand searches.

Automotive search engine optimization strategiesautomotive seo services

We start with strategic planning discussions with clients. It goes beyond simply optimizing your website for more organic traffic. Your business and your goals are unique and it's our job to understand them, and to make you aware of important automotive search trends.

Your website gets an extensive analysis of automotive keywords because we want to know how your site is being found by auto parts shoppers organically...which automotive keywords bring the most qualified shoppers...and which keywords work for your competitors.

Automotive parts SEO experts

Please watch our video below for a quick intro to our inbound marketing process and methods, and a quick look at why it's important to know how to do auto parts marketing if you want to optimize any site for auto parts buyers. Give us one minute and you'll see why we're so different from other marketing companies.

Our search engine optimization plans:

Scroll down to see how we can help you grow your online sales with great ROI!

Auto Parts SEO ServicesBase SEO PlanSEO Leader
  12 hours SEO optimization/month 25 hours SEO optimization/month
SEO strategic planning with client auto parts seo service included auto parts seo service included
Auto parts SEO for Google and Bing
Follow SEO best practices
Set up and monitor Google Search Console
Set up and monitor Bing Webmaster Tools
Google Analytics linked to Google Search Console
Competitor keyword and search analysis
Optimization of page titles
Optimization of meta descriptions
Optimization of on-page content, product descriptions
Submission of optimized pages to Google & Bing
Bi-weekly or monthly reporting on account performance and ROI
Monthly conference call with Account Team
Blog post content development  
Manage WordPress or WebShopManager blog  
Add JSON-LD code to website for SEO  
Add microdata to website for SEO  
Social postings in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc  
Optimize social media profile pages  
Website conversion analysis and consultation  
Natural inbound link building  
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automotive parts SEO companyAuto parts SEO marketing services focused on auto parts, accessories or replacement parts. We're members of SEMA, the Auto Care Association (formerly AAIA), AASA and CAN and have a lot of experience in online marketing in the aftermarket industry. We know what works in organic search so you can be found online. Our approach includes in-depth keyword research and analysis, to produce the best results to meet your ROI goals.

When it comes to auto search engine optimization, the auto parts industry is significantly different from other industries. It requires knowledge of how enthusiasts shop for parts, including knowledge of year/make/model, market segment/interest, or part type and part function.

Not happy with your auto parts search results? Call us!

Automotive SEO company, advertise on GoogleThis is vital because today nearly all car, truck, motorcycle and marine enthusiasts start shopping online for auto parts whether they're going to buy online or in a brick and mortar store. You need to be visible where your customers are shopping!

A well-managed, well-structured inbound marketing campaign will supplement a pay per click campaign, not conflict with it. Combined correctly, both can work to increase your traffic and ROI. Plus, today's shoppers make many visits to a website before making a purchase and tend to come back through multiple channels. It isn't unusual for a shopper to come to a site a second or third time organically even though their first visit may have been paid. (For more information on how shoppers come to your website through different channels, read our marketing blog post explaining how different marketing channels can act as an "assist interaction" channel, or can act as as a "last interaction" channel to influence making a purchase.) Here's another blog post with case studies on SEO used with PPC.

Free analysis of your website's automotive organic traffic

Even if you have a digital marketing company managing your organic search results, let us do a free analysis of your online marketing. Maybe we can find some ways to improve your sales of auto parts through organic search results.

To discover more ways our Internet marketing services are different from what's done in other industries, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a chart comparing differences between both disciplines.

In the aftermarket, search engine marketing and optimization is an important strategy to reach today's auto, truck and motorcycle shoppers

...Nearly all automotive enthusiasts begin their search online, using Google, Bing and Yahoo.
...Enthusiasts search on the Internet so they can research products. They're trying to make a decision on where to buy, as well as which brand.
...Manufacturers should control their own brands, and can produce excellent results from Internet marketing as much as retailers.

In a survey published in MultiChannel Merchant magazine, search engine optimization ranked #2 in importance among online merchants, behind email marketing. Sixty five percent of online merchants also reported they were optimizing landing pages. In that same survey most online merchants reported using "traffic" as the most important way to measure their SEM efforts, followed by sales.

Optimization for Online Auto Parts Retailers:

We can manage and effective online marketing campaign to drive more organic sales to your website emphasizing long tail year/make/model search terms. Gain more visibility over your competitors when we optimize your pages by vehicle year, make and model or by market segment.

Digital Marketing for SEMA Manufacturers:

Reach Internet shoppers making buying decisions with organic search marketing. Bring your new products to market and create consumer demand and pull-through sales by making your site more easily found. Online marketing will let you take control of your brand.

Online Marketing for Events & Racing Venues:

Increase ticket sales using Search Engine Optimization to sell more tickets either direct, or through an online ticket vendor if you use one. Organic marketing is effective when combined with paid search especially when pages for last year's events show up organically. We also can help with social media on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Search Marketing for Franchisors:

Gain online visibility for your outlets as a value-add to your franchise locations. Help your auto parts retail outlets become more visible in local search results, giving them a competitive advantage and another reason to be affiliated with your automotive retail programs.


Conventional agencies vs. automotive SEO agencies: See the differences:

Search Engine Optimization is a different process for the auto parts industry than it is for other retailers or manufacturers because of the unique differences in our industry's products and our industry's consumers. Here's a handy comparison of typical search engine optimization activities we think are important to improving your organic search results if you are in the auto parts business. Keep this comparison in mind when talking to any digital agency that specializes in organic search.

 Automotive Aftermarket AgencyNon Automotive Agency
Be found for "long tail" auto parts search terms (search phrases using 3 or more words) used by auto parts shoppers:
(See our article on long tail search for more information on long tail search.)
Auto parts and accessory consumers use long tail (3 or more) keywords, such as year, make, or model combinations, vehicle submodel, part function, or market segment. Examples: "2008 Mustang exhaust system" or "Cummins diesel turbo kit." An automotive industry company recognizes this. In fact, there are over 100,000 possible combinations of these long-tail auto parts and application-specific keywords. This is even more important when optimizing for OEM replacement auto parts which tend to be very year/make/model specific. Search marketing companies without automotive experience may not understand the value of long tail searches, may not understand the important differences in various long tail phrases, and may not understand differences between generations of car/truck models with different engines or chassis. We've seen non-automotive SEM companies waste a lot of time trying to rank for very general words that don't convert, like "light" or "wheel."
Being found organically for part numbers including long complex OEM part numbers: Auto parts shoppers, after doing their research online, often know the specific part number they're looking for. Part number searches are searches with high purchase intent. Conventional search agencies likely don't understand the level of importance part numbers play in organic search.
Understanding the latest automotive trends, especially new automotive products, important for automotive SEO companies: Understanding the latest industry trends and new products is important when strategically planning an online campaign. We attend the SEMA Show, AAPEX and the PRI Show every year and have our finger on the pulse of the automotive aftermarket. Non-automotive search companies aren't probably aware of trends or news in the automotive parts aftermarket, and probably don't attend or event know about these vital aftermarket industry trade shows.

Building site content vs. building inbound links

For automotive search we get asked if we focus on creating inbound links to improve automotive rankings, or if we optimize organically by building unique and useable content, or is it a combination of both? The answer is we like to emphasize site content first and foremost. Good, engaging content that provides useful information to the customer is what tends to rank highest organically. Relying on inbound links that aren't built naturally—or worse, inbound links that were paid for—is a good way to have your site penalized by Google, resulting in a drop in your organic rankings. For solid search engine optimization that won't backfire on you, we prefer to put a priority on your website and looking at your site structure, making sure it is correct with <h1> and <h2> tags for example. We like to verify that alt tags are present and correctly optimized. We also like to make sure Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools accounts are being fully utilized. And, most importantly, we make sure the page educates the consumer through well-thought-out, engaging automotive content. Once you have good site structure and great content, then we can cautiously work on inbound links.

How a foundation in market research aids in auto parts SEO

We are sometimes asked about our market research background. To us, it's important to base decisions on facts, not opinions. Most of what we do is based on our knowledge of enthusiast shopping and browsing behavior. We've surveyed over 500,000 race fans, car and truck enthusiasts, and hard parts buyers over the past few years. Plus, we do extensive keyword research for each individual client. All of this helps us create a cost-effective approach to providing superior search optimization services to our clients.

If you actually got this far down on the page, maybe we should talk about helping you sell auto parts online! Thanks for your interest and sticking with us down this long page, and if you need more information please give us a call.

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