Automotive Mailing Lists

automobile owner mailing listsCar and truck owner mailing lists

We have the best-performing automobile lists of car and truck owners, including Mustang, F-150, Corvette, Camaro/Firebird, Silverado and Jeep owners, and many more including luxury vehicles. All makes are available including Tesla. We can also select vehicle owners based on modeled purchase date and filter by geography, odometer reading and more.

We also have direct mail lists of motorcycle and ATV owners including Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Yamaha and more.

About our automobile owner mailing lists

maillist230x160Our automotive owner list data is compiled from warranty companies, automobile dealerships, major national car clubs, online insurance quotes, automotive service chains and insurance companies. All of our automotive direct marketing data complies with Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) and Shelby Amendment laws. Our mailing list data is run through the United States Postal Service’s National Change of Address (NCOA) file, giving you the most accurate file available. Our consumer database adds 275,000 new records each month, and updates are processed every Monday.

Why our automobile consumer mailing lists are accurate:

We have the most accurate automotive direct marketing data possible. Each consumer car/truck owner record needs at least two reliable sources before being a part of our system, that's why we can comfortably guarantee your satisfaction with the accuracy of the data we provide you. To give you the most accurate data possible, all consumer direct mail list records need to be verified from multiple sources before being added in the masterfile. Data that does receive a third validation from another source within 12 months is then flagged as inactive.

Our automobile owners list data guarantee:

Our automobile owners lists or truck owners lists will have 98% Email Deliverability Rate...95% Mail Deliverability Rate or Higher...100% Address Standardization...100% Regulatory Compliance.

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Reach specific vehicle owners with mailing list segmentation options

With our mailing lists we can select specific automobile owners based on list segmentation data. We draw from an automotive masterfile containing over 114 million U.S. households, over 170 million vehicle owners, over 40 million DIY enthusiasts, with data overlays available on nearly every consumer record. So if you're looking for a specific automotive market segment or list selection, we can find it.

Demographic Automotive SelectsVehicle SelectsGeographic & Other Selects
Gender Vehicle Year State
Home Owner Vehicle Make/Model County
Income or Home Value Odometer Reading ZIP Codes
Number of Vehicles in Household Car or Truck Purchase Date Radius around ZIP Code of Automotive Business
Automotive DIY Activity Car or Truck Title Date Radius around Address of Automotive Business
Automotive Magazine Subscriber Number of Vehicles in Household Metropolitan Areas
Mail Order Respondent Style Codes DMA
Blue Collar VIN Phone
White Collar Class Codes Latitude/Longitude
Occupation Diesel or Gas English Speaking
Hispanic or Asian Heritage Auto Maintenance Information Presence of Children
...and more ...and more ...and more

Automotive mailing list prices

We have a minimum order of 10,000 automotive postal records, with prices as low as $110 per thousand ($110/M) postal records for volume purchases. We have a $50 list delivery fee per automotive mailing list and keep in mind that certain selects may be extra. We also have automotive owner email lists available. High volume mailers: ask about our high volume pricing for 250,000, 500,000 or 1 million records.

Automotive Mailing Lists10,000 Names (min.)20,000 Names50,000 Names100,000 Names
Consumer Lists of Vehicle Owners $1,300 $2,500 $5,750 $11,000
Automotive Business Lists $1,500 $2,900 $7,150 not available
Motorcycle & ATV Dealers $1,500 $2,900 not available not available

Call us about your automotive mailing list needs - (234) 380-1650

Need to find a quality automotive list to launch a direct mail campaign? Give us a call! If you have an inquiry or would like a count on how many records we have for a specific order, feel free to call us and we can give you an answer quicker than you may think. You can reach us at (234) 380-1650. We are a National Change of Address (NCOA) provider offering 18-month postal address updates and confirmation of 48-month permanent Changes of Address. We also offer Delivery Point Validation (DPV) on addresses. All mailing lists are run through CASS.

Please see our automotive business-to-business mailing lists.

Automotive owner & DIY enthusiast list counts by year, state and make

Auto Model YearCount
1981 332,870
1982 369,550
1983 550,702
1984 879,180
1985 1,079,251
1986 1,320,214
1987 1,440,822
1988 1,788,854
1989 2,023,921
1990 2,268,360
1991 2,554,068
1992 2,813,179
1993 3,417,718
1994 3,951,963
1995 4,626,960
1996 4,461,696
1997 5,469,785
1998 5,888,954
1999 7,199,781
2000 8,615,152
2001 9,286,984
2002 10,217,085
2003 10,285,551
2004 9,739,958
2005 10,335,806
2006 10,350,430
2007 10,767,626
2008 10,397,615
2009 7,042,272
2010 8,247,272
2011 9,065,659
2012 9,555,941
2013 9,627,695
2014 3,905,760
2015 524,858
AK 344,689
AL 1,440,793
AR 1,997,410
AZ 2,032,312
CA 7,349,694
CO 4,765,524
CT 1,031,414
DC 134,855
DE 485,495
FL 19,228,113
GA 2,968,600
HI 154,199
IA 3,422,731
ID 1,387,316
IL 6,591,382
IN 2,054,212
KS 1,800,967
KY 4,194,423
LA 1,499,126
MA 3,216,717
MD 4,099,291
ME 1,396,491
MI 8,120,019
MN 4,748,126
MO 5,513,815
MS 3,028,840
MT 826,815
NC 9,235,432
ND 592,789
NE 1,765,027
NH 1,033,950
NJ 4,210,481
NM 599,120
NV 2,418,196
NY 5,912,216
OH 11,662,512
OK 1,026,964
OR 1,074,494
PA 4,322,381
RI 228,859
SC 2,077,008
SD 413,545
TN 6,464,390
TX 22,183,895
UT 1,769,409
VA 5,465,895
VT 187,672
WA 6,123,560
WI 5,416,254
WV 1,624,575
WY 663,883
Acura 2,116,698
Alfa Romeo 6,493
AMC 7,712
Aston Martin 5,163
Audi 1,038,809
Bentley 12,173
BMW 2,684,667
Buick 4,749,327
Cadillac 2,965,781
Chevrolet 28,140,290
Chrysler 5,439,176
Daewoo 75,154
Daihatsu 5,813
Datsun 54,567
Dodge 13,219,923
Ferrari 6,400
Fiat 63,939
Ford 29,818,228
Geo 451,730
GMC 5,831,555
Honda 13,534,101
Hummer 198,368
Hyundai 5,019,712
Infiniti 1,125,724
Isuzu 558,989
Jaguar 285,989
Jeep 6,300,778
Kia 3,342,461
Lamborghini 1,436
Land Rover 299,815
Lexus 2,642,611
Lincoln 1,838,515
Lotus 3,817
Maserati 5,157
Mazda 3,282,467
Mercedes-Benz 2,491,179
Mercury 2,960,699
Mini 340,555
Mitsubishi 1,841,969
Nissan 9,550,254
Oldsmobile 2,353,612
Plymouth 1,364,879
Pontiac 5,046,413
Porsche 245,361
Ram (Dodge) 692,354
Rolls-Royce 3,706
Saab 325,025
Saturn 2,135,650
Scion 479,989
Smart 23,801
Subaru 2,218,310
Suzuki 549,266
Tesla 4,037
Toyota 18,271,384
Volkswagen 3,271,384
Volvo 183,504

Our exotic vehicle makes include Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, DeTomaso, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, Maybach, Panoz, Porsche and Rolls-Royce. Our motorcycle makes include Aprilia, Big Dog, BMW, Buell, Can-Am, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, KTM, Piaggio, Polaris, Suzuki, Triumph, Victory and Yamaha.

*State counts do not include U.S. Territories, these counts are available separately.