ACES PIES data for automotive parts

Read these articles to learn about the ACES and PIES data standards, and how these data standards are used in the automotive aftermarket.

ACES and PIES and exchanging data in the supply chain

ACES and PIES data is used to exchange automotive parts data through the entire supply chain, between manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. ACES parts data (Automotive Catalog Exchange Standard) is used to describe fitment information, for example the year, make or model information that a part fits. PIES parts data (Product Information Exchange Standard) is used to describe product dimensions, popularity, country of origin, hazmat codes, and so on. The articles below explain how ACES and PIES data is used to exchange all of this information.

As the Auto Care Association puts it, ACES and PIES data are not an industry-wide lookup tool or master database of parts or fitment data. It isn’t an official industry-wide database or data repository.


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