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Increase Relevance (and Sales!) with Email Segmentation

One of the most popular channels to reach consumers is through email marketing, yet countless marketing messages go ignored and unread. We're all bombarded with thousands of marketing messages throughout the day, and people run avoidance measures…

Total Part Numbers in the Automotive Industry, With ACES and PIES Data

The automotive aftermarket has focused a lot on ACES and PIES product data standards in the past few years, so have you ever wondered how many total part numbers are in the automotive aftermarket? (Scroll down for ACES and PIES defined.) Note:…

When Is The Best Time To Send An Email Campaign?

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Rising above the clutter and noise in the inbox is your goal. First impressions are critical in email marketing and although the subject line grabs attention, when does it grab attention? If your email is sent at the wrong  time, your message…

Ideas For The Best Email Marketing Subject Lines

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Email marketing best practices call for analysis of subject lines which have a huge influence on the open rate. An appropriate subject line also influences the click-through rate. Why is this so important? Let's say in a year you send 100,000…