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Vehicle Data

This is for custom research and analysis based on vehicle registration data. The minimum cost for vehicle registration analysis is $2,000. All reporting is custom and prices are customized based on your request. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you with your project.


Sales price

Minimum purchase amount: $2,000 - prices are customized based on your request. Visit our Registration Data FAQs page for more information. Cannot be purchased online, call for instructions/more information.

US Vehicle Registration Data

Purchase a data file of complete vehicle registration statistics. Registration data includes: vehicle make, vehicle model, model year, fuel type (flex fuel, bi-fuel/convertible, compressed natural gas, liquefied petroleum/propane, electric, hybrid, gas, methanol), engine displacement, number of cylinders, number of doors, body style (sedan, truck, sport utility, pickups, coupe, station wagon, passenger van, motorized home, etc.), ownership type (retail, rental, lease, government, commercial), vehicle segment and total vehicle population.

US: Country-wide data

Country Summary: Shows total vehicle population throughout the US.
State Level Country Data: Shows vehicle population of each State.
ZIP Level Country Data: Shows vehicle population of entire US broken down to show the population by every ZIP code.

Smaller Areas

County Data: Vehicle population within any given county.
State Data: Vehicle population within any given state.

Available for purchase with any order

AAIA Vehicle Codes
Special Programming (i.e. one record per row, as opposed to a "Count" column)
Demographic Package (age, gender, income, ethnicity)

Canada Vehicle Registration Summary Data Also Available

Includes: Make, Model, Model Year, Fuel Type, Vehicle Segment and total vehicle population.
Country Level: Includes a total population of Canada's vehicles.
Province Level: Total population broken down by Province.