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Report Section

This market research report is a valuable business tool providing market data and insights that can be used to determine the size and potential of the windshield and windshield repair market and allow you to set meaningful sales goals. It will help your company with identifying new market opportunities to help drive sales and grow your business. View Sample Report

Vehicle Repair & Maintenance Reports: Windshield & Windshield Wipers is an automotive market research report showing the number of vehicles that will need windshield or windshield wiper related parts or services. The data is presented in easy to read table format and segmented by part, geographic region, vehicle make and type.

Find out how many vehicles will be getting windshield replaced, windshield wipers: entire blade, windshield wipers: inserts/refills and more. This report is a valuable business tool that provides market data and insights, which will help your company set marketing and sales goals and spot new business opportunities.

Total units sold at the part level can be calculated by multiplying the number of service parts per vehicle times the number of vehicles presented in this report.

The Windshield report includes data for the following windshield or windshield wiper parts or services:
• Windshield Replaced
• Windshield Wipers: Entire Blade
• Windshield Wipers: Inserts/Refills
• Window Lift Motor/Regulator

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The data is presented in table format and presented by:  
• All vehicles in operation (VIO)
• Vehicles 0-3 years old
• Vehicles 4-7 years old
• Vehicles 8-11 years old
• Vehicles 12+ years
• Geographic region
• Vehicle Make
• Vehicle Type  - Truck/SUV, Jeep, Performance Vehicle

The research is based on 2017 vehicles in operation (VIO) data, consumer data, industry-reported data, manufacturer data, US Census Personal Consumption Expenditures of auto parts and tires, and primary and secondary market research conducted by Hedges & Company.

Full Report
Vehicles are defined as cars and light trucks.
Pages: 31
Published: January 2017
Format: Downloadable PDF

Individual Part Report
Vehicles are defined as cars and light trucks.
Pages: 25
Published: January 2017
Format: Downloadable PDF

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