Automotive Market Research

Consumer Mailing Lists

Please call for information, availability and pricing on mailing lists

Sales price $1,350.00

Please call (234) 380-1650 prior to ordering to ask us about mailing lists. Mailing lists are very dynamic as there are many segmentation options to choose from, so to give accurate data as well as pricing we would need to talk directly with you. Please see our list of segmentation options below to help plan your mailing campaign.

We have a minimum of 10,000 records per mailing list order. Our price is set at $1,350 as a minimum, additional records are $130 per thousand. Please keep in mind that certain selects will cost extra.

Lists orders can be placed over the phone, but can be paid for online or with a credit card over the phone. Your purchased list will be emailed to you after payment is received, and will be in .txt format - but can be opened with Microsoft Excel.


Segmentation options:


Vehicle Year/Make/Model
ZIP code
Radius (in miles) from ZIP code
Diesel/Gas Engine
DIY Activity
Mail Order Buyers
Odometer Reading
Vehicle Purchase Date
Magazine Subscriber