Automotive Market Research

About our Automotive Market Research Store


The Hedges & Company Market Research Store is dedicated to providing the aftermarket automotive industry with readily available, high quality research that helps companies make more informed business decisions. Our store features downloadable research reports on rates of replacement for specific parts on vehicles, consumer perceptions of different brand name products in the aftermarket industry as well as consumer shopping behavior.

About Vehicle Repair & Maintenance Reports

Our Vehicle Repair & Maintenance Reports are automotive market research reports showing the number of vehicles that will need specific parts and services in 2016. The data is presented in an easy to read table format and segmented by part type, geographic region, and vehicle make. These reports go in-depth to show how many vehicles will be getting brake jobs, oil changes, A/C compressors and more. Hedges & Company Repair & Maintenance Reports provide detailed information on the number of vehicles getting specified parts or services. The reports show maintenance for total vehicles and are segmented by age of vehicle, geographic region and vehicle make. Click here to download a sample report as a PDF file.

About BrandZoom Market Research

BrandZoom Reports feature consumer opinions on leading brands in an aftermarket automotive product category such as camshafts, crankshafts or carburetors. Each report lists many different popular aftermarket brands and shows how customers perceive each brand based on key words and phrases. Survey participants chose what brands they were familiar with and were asked to rate those brands according to quality, price, reliability and other key elements that influence their purchase decisions. BrandZoom Research was designed to give your company an easily accessible way to understand what your customers think of you and your competitors. BrandZoom Research puts consumer evaluations of competitors side-by-side to show the most important aspects of winning consumer approval and business. BrandZoom Research is the perfect tool to help with brand positioning, designing ad campaigns and knowing how to appeal to consumer wants and needs.

  • • Easy to read consumer opinions of brand name automotive products.
  • • Reports cover many different engine components such as camshafts, gaskets, crankshafts and cylinder heads.
  • • Find out what your customers think of your products and service.
  • • Side-by-side comparisons of the factors that are most important to consumers when buying parts & accessories.
  • • Consumers perceptions of brands according to reliability, quality, price, customer service and more.
  • • Use this valuable business tool to help your company identify branding and marketing opportunities.
  • • Research is based on surveys of thousands of enthusiasts who have recently bought or shopped for a specific part.
  • • Ready-to-download research with new reports added monthly.

About BuyerZoom Market Research

What leads a consumer from needing a product to choosing one brand out of an endless lineup of choices? BuyerZoom Research delves into the consumer shopping experience to give you the most valuable insights as to what influences a consumer to make a purchase decision. Each report examines consumer shopping habits, automotive interests, where consumers gather information and key factors in deciding where to buy. The reports outline where buyers of a specific engine component shop, what kind of vehicle the part is for; the reports even list the top 25 magazines consumers read and websites they visit. This research will help you to make more informed decisions when media buying, product positioning and targeting.

  • • In depth reports show the consumer shopping experience when shopping for certain parts & accessories
  • • Consumer shopping habits across a number of categories of auto parts such as camshafts, gaskets and fuel pumps.
  • • Find out where consumers gather information about products when shopping for auto parts
  • • Understand what automotive interests your customers have, allowing you to appeal to them much easier
  • • Customers tell you the top 25 websites they visit and magazines they read
  • • Outlines of where buyers shop, what kind of vehicle they are buying for and why they are seeking the part.
  • • Make informed decisions when deciding how to position your product

Purchase Process

Purchasing our market research is quick and easy. From the store's homepage, simply select a category to view the individual products. When you find a report you would like to purchase, add it to your cart and start the checkout process. Choose to pay with a credit card or paypal and submit your order. Shortly after your payment is confirmed you will receive an email with a link that will lead you to a download page. This email will also contain the password that will open your report. Your code is only good for one download. Simply download the report, open it, input the password and you're done!