ChannelAdvisor Catalyst attendees: We're a ChannelAdvisor Agency Partner and will give you a free analysis of your current online advertising

ChannelAdvisor for paid search campaigns

As a ChannelAdvisor Agency Partner we work with ChannelAdvisor's automotive, marine and powersports customers who don't have their paid search account managed in-house by ChannelAdvisor. Use product data to feed automated year/make/model information, real-time pricing, using inventory levels to pause ads, bid optimization and more. Talk to us at ChannelAdvisor's Catalyst 2013 in Las Vegas!

Let us manage your Internet advertising campaign on Google or BingGoogle AdWords Yahoo/Bing Network PPC paid search

We know the automotive, marine, motorcycle and racing markets because of our market research foundation.
We know how enthusiasts use search engines and what they search for. Today's consumers are constantly connected: they move effortlessly from computer to tablet to phone, and with a properly managed online advertising campaign your marketing message will, too.

Don't have a paid search campaign yet? Let's get started!

Over 80% of auto, motorcycle and marine enthusiasts begin their shopping online. It's the same for new and used car shoppers. We'll set up your advertising campaigns for you. With our automotive experience, we'll manage your paid search campaigns to their full potential. We'll analyze keywords and manage bids to get you the best results. We've managed paid search advertising accounts spending $1,000 to more than $100,000 per month and have experience with advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn and other online networks. Make sure you're ahead of your competitors. Chances are that they have a paid search program, and every day that you don't is a day that prospective customers are finding them instead of you!

Let us do a no-cost opportunity analysis of your online ads!

Even if you have an agency already managing your paid search campaigns in Google AdWords or in the Yahoo/Bing Network, let us do a no-cost opportunity analysis of your PPC efforts. We may be able to find ways to improve your ROI or increase your sales.

members SEMA, AASA, MRA, Auto Care AssociationWhy Hedges & Company for paid search and SEO?

We offer the best paid search and search engine optimization (SEO) campaign management in the automotive aftermarket because of our extensive experience studying online consumer shopping behavior, and we live in the automotive world. We conduct keyword and competition research and analysis, and will build out a targeted campaign for your business, to meet your ROI goals. We know how to create effective long-tail Internet campaigns using year/make/model or part type data. We are a Google Partner and we comply with Google's Third-Party Policy. Final point: we know enthusiasts and we speak your language! When talking to any paid search agency ask if they can create a campaign to reach A-body Mopar owners, or C5 owners, or V-Twin riders, and see if they know what the heck you're talking about!

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