Automotive Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists: Radius direct marketing and how it works

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Step 1: Start with the geographic location of your store

Your retail location determines your trade area. We can select neighborhoods for target marketing by ZIP code based on your current trade area, or a new area you want to target for new sales. Usually it's a simple radius centered on your address.

Using our consumer masterfile of 140 million vehicle owners you can target specific types of consumers for your business: If you own an automotive dealership we can increase traffic to your store by targeting vehicle owners with a modeled lease expiration in the next 60-90 days. Other list examples are consumers with DIY behavior, owners of certain make/model/year vehicles, owners of certain vehicle types like trucks or sport sedans, or consumers with a history of mail order activity. These are just a few examples of what's possible.

If you have an existing file of customers it is possible to build a marketing model to match their profile. That lets you find your best prospects: new customers just like your current customers. You can also use your customer file to suppress against new prospects, leaving you only new names.

If you have multiple retail locations you can also create a program to drive sales to each location, it's easy. Or, if your business is mail order or Internet-based and you draw from across the United States you can select customers from all 50 states.

Radius MarketingAftermarket Automotive Radius MarketingStep 2: Select postal mail, or email, or both

Do you want to reach customers in their mail box using direct mail? Or reach them in their inbox using targeted marketing email? Or both for a one-two marketing punch?

Either way, you're delivering your message directly to your best consumer prospects, which is a very efficient way to market your products or services.

When you use targeted direct mail combined with targeted email, it will be timed so that the offers show up at approximately the same time.

Step 3: Design the "creative"

The last step is to design the "creative," or what's on your direct marketing postcard or in your targeted email. Your offer should be compelling and give the customer a reason to call or come to your retail location. In the case of a direct mail postcard we can handle the printing and mailing for you. For targeted email, it is sent from our servers and we host all your graphics.

If you've never done direct mail or targeted marketing emails before, or if you lack internal resources or time, we're happy to help.

Any offer should answer the customer's question "What's In It For Me?", sometimes abbreviated to WIIFM. When you have a strong offer, your response will increase and you'll generate more sales.

If you'd like to see typical response rates from targeted direct marketing we have a page that will answer a lot of your questions.