Auto Parts Marketing Strategy and Spare Parts Marketing Strategy

spare parts marketing strategy

Links to articles on marketing strategy for auto parts are below

Are you creating an auto parts marketing plan and need a marketing strategy to support it? Need a spare parts marketing strategy? You’re in the right spot!

When we started Hedges & Company in 2004 our main focus was strategic planning, marketing strategy and research.

We realize there’s no single best way to approach an auto parts marketing plan so we’ll show a few marketing plan examples below. We’re including answers to the question, “what are the different parts of a marketing plan?” and we’re adapting well-known marketing plan templates for the automotive aftermarket.

Kotler Marketing Plan Outline

One classic format to use for an auto parts marketing plan is from Philip Kotler and can easily be adapted for your own auto parts marketing plan. It takes this form:

  • Executive summary: Abbreviated overview of the proposed [auto parts] marketing plan.
  • Current marketing situation: Relevant background data on the [automotive] market, product, competition, [auto parts] distribution and macroenvironment.
  • Opportunity and issue analysis: Summary of your main opportunities and threats, your strengths and your weaknesses, and any [automotive] product issues.
  • Objectives: The goals for your [auto parts] marketing plan. This covers sales volume, market share and profit.
  • Marketing strategies: A broad marketing approach to be successful with your auto parts marketing plan.
  • Action programs: This defines next steps, who does what, when it will be done and how much it is going to cost.
  • Projected P&L: A summary of the financial expectations.
  • Controls: How the marketing plan will be monitored.

The Issue/Problem Plan format

This is another classic marketing plan format to follow that can easily be adapted to your own auto parts marketing strategy. The Issue/Problem Plan format takes this form:

  • Executive summary: Includes problems to solve, key issues, proposed solution and challenges.
  • The problem: Summary of the problem to solve.
  • Key issues: A definition of the issues and resolutions.
  • Alternatives: An analysis of any “on-the-table” solutions to the problem at hand.
  • Proposed solution: Summary of the proposal, an action time line, benchmarks, measurements and KPIs, budget and probabilities.
  • Major challenges: Constraints of the organization, of time or of budget, implications of future planning.
  • Summary of expected results: A list of what is supposed to happen as a result of this plan.
  • Timeline of the next plan: When a follow up plan should be prepared.

Scroll down for more ideas about your auto parts strategy. These linked articles are written for automotive retailers and manufacturers. There are nearly two dozen articles filled with great ideas to grow your business.

These marketing plans and articles include marketing case studies on strategy, as well as best practices to follow.

Whether you use online marketing, social media marketing, traditional media, or programmatic marketing, these articles are helpful.

Articles on auto parts marketing plans

Below, we show auto parts marketing plan strategies that worked for parts retailers and manufacturers. We also feature proven case studies on SEO and paid search. Check your auto parts marketing strategy against these ideas. Our plans are based on testing and facts!

Auto parts marketing ideas and tips

We also have articles on aftermarket industry marketing trends and new developments. We’ve added our interpretation and analysis. If you’re trying to increase your auto parts sales, as a manufacturer or a retailer, these articles will give you a great understanding of what will work.

A related part of your marketing should be conversion rate optimization to generate more dollars for your website from the same number of visitors.

We also reveal the six primary search patterns used by auto parts and accessories buyers to search online. Line up your marketing to match these search patterns for a big lift in online revenue.

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