Auto Industry Recessions

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Consumer spending on automotive parts and accessories, back to January 2000 including two recessions and the pandemic. This data is adjusted for inflation, using 2000-year dollars.

All about auto industry recessions and economic factors that affect the automotive industry.

This page includes links to auto parts sales and recessions articles, with analysis, trends and economic news.

It also includes the Great Recession December 2007-June 2009 and Cash for Clunkers.

The automotive aftermarket tends to be recession-resistant, while the automobile manufacturing industry tends to be impacted by recessions to a great extent.

The Great Recession and the automobile industry

During the Great Recession, the US automobile industry was greatly impacted. General Motors and Chrysler required a bailout by the US government. Ford didn’t take a bailout but did secure a massive line of credit.

General Motors declared bankruptcy in April 2009. Chrysler declared bankruptcy the following month.

For more information on how the auto industry fared during the Great Recession there is a detailed Wikipedia article on it.

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