eBay motor parts and history of selling car parts on eBay

There’s a long and interesting history of eBay motor parts and selling car parts on eBay. We cover a lot of this history, news and industry trends for eBay Motors, eBay auto parts sales and PayPal on the articles linked to below. Scroll down for eBay Motors revenue and analysis.

For over a decade eBay Motors has been selling automotive parts and vehicles. It launched in 2000, just after eBay moved to its newly-expanded headquarters in San Jose, California.

eBay logo history

eBay logos through the years: The first logo for eBay, shortly after rebranding from AuctionWeb. This logo design dates to 1995.

In 1997 eBay “officially” changed from AuctionWeb. This eBay logo was used 1997 to 2012.

The current eBay logo, unveiled November 2012. This logo has been in use since. The eBay Motors official site uses a variation of this logo.

ebay motors logo

Although the colorful eBay logo adorns the eBay Motors official site pages on eBay, this eBay Motors logo is mostly used for corporate identity.

The logo for eBay had a few changes since 1995. Founder Pierre Omidyar originally started the company as AuctionWeb.   Shortly afterwards, Omidyar rebranded it as eBay. Here are the major changes to the eBay logo since 1995.


When eBay Motors was originally launched in 2000, it used the “fun” logo (second one shown above). Since its modest start, eBay Motors now sells billions of dollars in vehicles, and eBay auto parts and accessories each year. It facilitates sales to every continent on Earth. In fact, the dollar volume is so high it supports an entire cottage industry for eBay marketplace research.

This research industry supports the marketplace and vendors, and in some cases, buyers. Active or potential eBay Motors resellers actively research topics like “best selling car parts on eBay” or “most sold car parts on eBay.”

eBay Motors revenue, eBay parts & accessories sales

BUILT with eBay

The long-running “BUILT with eBay” display appeared for over a decade at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

In the world of eBay parts & accessories sales, it’s estimated that eBay Motors revenue is now about $11.7 billion (2021).  Of that revenue, about $8.2 billion is from resellers exclusive to eBay and about $3.5 billion is from resellers that also sell on their own “.com” websites and/or Amazon.

In the articles below we refer to various eBay statistics and trends over the years. Our oldest article, on page 2 of the articles below, is now nearly 10 years old. We first referred to eBay back in 2012.

eBay history and trade shows

In 1999, eBay Motors first displayed at the SEMA Show. The auction platform’s connection to the aftermarket is a long one.

Long-time SEMA Show attendees may remember the “BUILT from eBay” campaign. This included a booth year year with vehicles on display at the SEMA Show. The booth promoted vehicle parts and accessories purchased on eBay. “BUILT from eBay” remains a clever marketing promotion in the show’s long history.

The vehicles in the “BUILT from eBay” display included off-road vehicles, customized 1960s-1970s cars, a Porsche, even a 1968 Chevy G20 van.

For more history on eBay and sales data, click on the articles below.

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