Automotive Aftermarket Trends 2020

Here are links to automotive aftermarket trends and predictions for 2020. We give you our expert analysis and insight on the aftermarket industry and what to expect in 2020. There are a lot of aftermarket trends to watch including changes in third party marketplace (3P), as brands shift from wholesaling to Amazon for first party sales (1P), and expand to Walmart and eBay Motors.

Automotive market trends: driving the industry in new directions for 2020

Some of the latest trends in the automotive aftermarket include the impact of coronavirus; the growing use of video; easy-to-use websites and fast loading websites; wider use of APIs and artificial intelligence, changes in site navigation and site search, and more.

Brands will undergo a lot of changes, and that’s an important aftermarket trend in 2020: the strength of a brand is not what it used to be. Legacy brands are competing with new brands using the internet and online marketing to carefully craft their brand message.

We expect more merger & acquisition (M&A) activity in 2020. Traditional brick & mortar retailers have the opportunity to leverage Buy Online, Pick-up In Store (BOPIS).

Automotive marketing trends 2020

As part of our look at automotive digital marketing trends, we included our annual projection on auto parts eCommerce trends for 2020. This includes our forecast for online sales of auto parts. Learn about the auto parts industry and how it is evolving to more online sales and away from brick & mortar. Read about the 2020 trends towards mobile shopping, too.


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The top auto parts chain stores appear to be staging a retail comeback during the coronavirus pandemic. The data includes weekly credit card transactions from AutoZone (NYSE: AZO), Advance Auto Parts (NYSE: AAP), O'Reilly Automotive (NASDAQ: ORLY) and NAPA Auto Parts (NYSE: GPC). These auto parts chains act as a bellwether for DIY activity as well as retail, two important [read more] ...

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