Automotive Industry Trends 2019

Read about the latest automotive trends driving the industry in 2019. We show you the latest trends, market research and statistics. We include our expert analysis and insight.

Automotive industry market trends: constant change

Automotive market trends are driving the industry in new directions in 2019. We break down the latest trends and give you ideas to help manage your business. If you advertise online, we also have search trends to use with Google Ads and Google Shopping.

We also include the latest statistics in these articles. Scroll down and click on articles for more.

Automotive marketing trends 2019

As part of our look at automotive digital marketing trends, we included our annual projection on auto parts eCommerce trends for 2019. This includes our forecast for online sales of auto parts. Learn about the auto parts industry and how it is evolving to more online sales and away from brick & mortar. Read about the 2019 trends towards mobile shopping, too.


What Is The Most Popular Truck in America

Aftermarket Analysis
We show you the most popular pickup truck in America including full-size and medium-size trucks, domestic and imported. New registrations of light trucks (including SUVs and CUVs) exceeded 9 million units in 2018. That reached around 12 million for 2019. More than 2 million pickups were sold and are expected to...
vehicle registration statistics vio data

Number of Licensed Drivers in USA 2021

Market Research
Need to know how many drivers are in the USA? What's the percentage of Americans with driver's licenses? This information isn't always easy to find, so we put some stats together on the number of licensed drivers in the US 2021 and how many Americans...

Digital Marketing for Car Dealers

Marketing Articles
Digital marketing: does car dealer SEO matter?Does car dealer SEO matter...why, yes, it does! Here's why. Organic traffic is the #1 source of web traffic for the average car dealer website in 2021.In 2021, the average car dealer…