Automotive Aftermarket Industry Trends 2018

Articles on the latest auto aftermarket industry trends driving our industry in 2018. Learn about the latest trends, market research and statistics. We include our expert analysis and insight.

Automotive aftermarket trends: constant change

Marketing trends in the aftermarket are always changing, driving the industry in new directions. That was even more true in 2018. We break down the latest automotive market trends for you and give you ideas to help manage your business. If you advertise online, we also have search trends to use with Google Ads and Google Shopping.

Automotive digital marketing trends 2018

As part of our look at automotive digital marketing trends, we included our annual projection on auto parts eCommerce trends for 2018. This includes our forecast for online auto parts sales. Learn about the auto parts industry and how it is evolving to more online sales, vs. offline sales. Read about the surprising trends towards mobile as a way to shop online, too.

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