Automotive Aftermarket Industry Trends 2017

Articles on auto aftermarket industry trends that drive our industry. Learn about the latest trends, market research and statistics. We include our own expert analysis and insight.

Automotive aftermarket trends are changing

Marketing trends in the aftermarket are changing and driving the industry in new directions. We break down the latest automotive market trends and give you some ideas to help manage your business.

Ecommerce trends and marketing trends 2017

We’ve included our yearly forecast on auto parts ecommerce trends for 2017, covering online auto parts sales. Learn about the automotive parts industry and how it has evolved to more online sales.


Vehicles in Operation (VIO) FAQs

Market Research
Here are some questions we get a lot on our analysis and custom reporting of vehicle registration data. Note that we do not provide raw data, we only produce custom reporting that utilizes vehicles in operation/VIO data. Q: How many cars are…