Automotive Market Research Reports

Here are free automotive market research reports. They include analysis, automotive industry trends and projections. You get free, comprehensive coverage of the automotive industry on our website.

automotive market research reports from Hedges & CompanyWe freely publish market research and data on our website and have done that for years. We do that as a service to the automotive aftermarket industry; sometimes there’s a shortage of information in the industry.

You may have seen our market research for industry trade associations including SEMA and the Auto Care Association. Most recently we are part of a special task force with the Auto Care Association. This project is to measure the current size of the automotive eCommerce retail sales channel. An eCommerce report was released at the 2021 AAPEX Show and updated in the Auto Care Association Factbook 2023. The Factbook is released every June. That task force work is ongoing and forecasts eCommerce over the next decade or so.

Besides trade associations, we do market research for private equity companies to give an understanding of market share, trends, product category sales and more. This is used to make decisions on M&A (merger and acquisition) activity in the aftermarket.

Automotive Marketing Research

We can help with automotive focus groups, brand awareness research, consumer surveys, B2B surveys, competitor analysis and more. We’re experts at primary research using a wide range of methodologies.

Automotive Market Research Reports

Hedges & Company has been a leading author and publisher of automotive market research for nearly two decades. Scroll down for links to market research articles and various auto market research projects we’ve worked on. We’ve done automotive focus groups (in-person and online), market research surveys and consumer surveys. We’ve also done brand research and brand perception studies. This research and experience benefits our paid search and organic search clients.

Data Used in Automotive Market Research

Do you need to know how many licensed drivers there are in the US? The popularity of certain vehicles by geographic region? Demographics of vehicle owners? Vehicles in operation (VIO) data and the number of vehicles in the US or worldwide? Sales trends or eCommerce trends? Look no further, we have you covered in the latest market research data. It’s all published on this website and free or you to read.