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Automotive Industry Analysis: Online Automotive Ecommerce Market Size Will Be $12 Billion in 2019

Highlights from our annual automotive industry analysis: • Online automotive eCommerce market will pass $12B in 2019 in the U.S., excluding  auctions, used parts • North American automotive eCommerce market nearly $16B in 2019, excluding auctions, used parts • Digital influence: Automotive industry analysis shows $148B in parts sales influenced by online; will grow to […]

Tesla Owner Demographics: Income, Age, Gender and More

Curious about Tesla owner demographics, including Model S and Model X owners? Read on! Tesla owner demographics: average income of a Tesla owner The average household income of a Tesla Model X owner is $143,177 per year. As a comparison, the median household income in the United States in 2017 was $61,372. (Full disclosure, we’re […]

We Bust 3 Myths About Selling Auto Parts During the Christmas Shopping Season

Can you sell auto parts online for the Christmas shopping season? The shopping season isn’t just about sweaters. We analyzed Google search trends over the past few years and bust some myths. Myth#1: Black Friday: the most important online shopping day of the year? This myth is definitely busted. Black Friday isn’t even in the […]

How Big Is the SEMA Show?

It’s a common question, how big is SEMA, so just how big is the 2019 SEMA Show? The SEMA Show is the aftermarket industry’s annual trade show in Las Vegas at the massive Las Vegas Convention Center and it’s hard to describe if you haven’t attended. It’s a four-day event that brings in 162,000 attendees […]

Automotive SEO Services: A Quick How-To Guide

Automotive SEO services: does it really matter? Yes, automotive SEO services matter, and here’s why: Organic traffic is the biggest source of web traffic for the average automotive website. In 2018, the average automotive website received 50% of total traffic from organic (source: Hedges & Company and Google Analytics). We view automotive SEO services as […]

SEO Marketing in the Automotive Industry: Recent Trends

SEO in the automotive industry is changing significantly for 2019. Here we take a look at recent trends for SEO marketing as well as PPC for auto dealers. All forms of marketing, not just SEO marketing, plays a heightened role as the automobile industry struggles with lackluster sales. Even though the first half of 2018 […]

Pickup Truck Owner Demographics: Who Buys Pickup Trucks?

Here is some information on full-size pickup truck owner demographics from our automotive database. This article helps answer the question, “who buys pickup trucks?” in 2018. Demographics of pickup truck buyers vary a lot from make to make. Light trucks (and SUVs) absolutely dominate new vehicle sales in the U.S. right now. For every one […]

Google Shopping Feed Specifications: New Requirements For Auto Parts Images

If you use Google Shopping, you may have an email that says images are disapproved because of Google Shopping feed specifications. Maybe you received Google’s “risk of disapproval” email, followed by the “preemptively disapproved” email. Or, if you’re a distributor or manufacturer, maybe you recently (Sept. 2018) have an email from one of your major […]


Registered vehicles by state: fun facts

Looking at registered vehicles by state in the US we found some interesting things that you can use for your next trivia contest for categories like “registered vehicles by state” or “number of vehicles in US.” Most popular vehicle by state The most popular vehicle by state is a runaway victory for the Ford F-150. […]

Auto Parts SEO Technical Guide for Marketers

We put this auto parts SEO guide together because technical issues may prevent your auto parts site from ranked organically. For automotive SEO, content and inbound linking is critical but you also need a good technical foundation to build on for SEO success. Here is our guide to auto parts SEO covering technical issues such […]