Best eCommerce Platform for Auto Parts: Guide

find an auto parts ecommerce website builderHere is the ultimate comparison to help pick an auto parts eCommerce platform. Websites selling parts and accessories have a unique requirement for shoppers to easily find parts based on fitment. If you’re looking for an auto parts ecommerce website builder we strongly recommend using one that understands fitment, and an eCommerce platform that can filter or search for parts by fitment. (For more on fitment, read our article on ACES data.)

Two auto parts eCommerce platform options

Auto parts web developers generally work with two options for a website: proprietary or open source eCommerce platforms, although some platforms are marketed as “software as a service” (SaaS). Scroll to the bottom for an explanation of open source vs. proprietary software platforms.

Comprehensive guide to auto parts ecommerce website builders and platforms (alphabetical)
Web developerPlatformContact InfoNotes
3d cart aftermarket parts
Proprietary platform(800) 828-6650
Link to website
Also works with open source platforms
admark aftermarket parts
Proprietary Nebhub platform,
custom development
(305) 595-4388
Link to website
Besides Nebhub, also does development in PHP, .NET, Java, Node.js and Angular.js
Altos Digital
altos digital aftermarket parts oem parts

Open source: Shopify, Magento, Volusion,
WordPress/ WooCommerce, others
(480) 656-4505
Link to website
Builds sites for aftermarket or OEM auto parts; helps manage Amazon and eBay listings
American Eagle
american eagle aftermarket parts
Works with Magento, BigCommerce,
WordPress and other platforms
(877) 932-6691
Link to website
Does custom development work, web design and hosting
anzael aftermarket parts
Proprietary platform, uses ACES and PIES
product data
(888) 201-0804
Link to website
Custom development in WordPress, .NET and PHP; Also has a VCDB database tool for ACES XML files
Auto Parts Shopping Cart
auto parts shopping cart aftermarket parts oem parts
Proprietary platform, integrated with ASAP
Network, SEMA Data Coop, DCi, Turn14;
native PIES and ACES importers;
also accepts custom Excel data imports
No phone listed
Link to website
Does development; Monthly leases available, includes hosting; Prices start at $350/month, 1 year commitment
bigcommerce aftermarket parts
$ + development
Open SaaS platform(888) 248-9325
Link to website
SaaS platform designed for auto parts as well as for other industries; claims to have unlimited catalog software and options; relies on partners for development work
Classy Llama
web shop manager aftermarket parts
Works with Magento and BigCommerce(417) 866-8887
Link to website
Develops auto parts sites in addition to work in other industries
Complete Web Solutions
complete web solutions aftermarket parts
Works with Drupal open source software(719) 432-9415
Link to website
Provides graphic design, web design, and programming; uses data from brands managed by ASAP
Distribution Service Technologies (DST)
dst oem parts
Uses proprietary TurboParts eCommerce
platform integrated with OEM auto
parts data from Epicor
(800) 700-4DST
Link to website
Also an IBM Business Partner
ebizplatform aftermarket parts
Proprietary platform or API(877) 366-0200
Link to website
Offers a direct to consumer website platform, or an API to deliver data; Includes hosting services
epicor oem parts
Proprietary platform(800) 999-1809
Link to website
Epicor Parts Network connects to distributors; Uses Epicor PartExpert data
web shop manager aftermarket parts
Proprietary platform(605) 339-4529
Link to website
Includes hosting
eTool Developers
etool developers aftermarket parts
Proprietary platform(616) 803-0443
Link to website
Uses ACES data for year/make/model look up; Uses a series of modules for their web services
gcommerce aftermarket parts
Uses proprietary AutosoEZ platform,
compatible with ACES
and PIES XML files natively
(515) 228-5850
Link to website
AutosoEZ integrates with multiple drop ship vendor distributors; Includes hosting services; Includes comprehensive ACES/PIES catalog management capabilities
Gearhead Commerce
gearhead commerce aftermarket parts
Proprietary Echo platform(704) 716-3400
Link to website
Parent company is E-Dreamz
Glendale Designs
glendale designs aftermarket parts

Uses Miva SaaS platform, BigCommerce,
Shopify, Magento, WordPress
(623) 322 6066
Link to website
Offers hosting services
gravity shift digital aftermarket parts
Open source, uses WebInjected Data
Manager on Magento 2 platform
(800) 555-8888
Link to website
Works with ACES and PIES from SEMA Data Coop; Integrates with drop shipper inventory; Does web design and content management
web shop manager aftermarket parts
Works with Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce(513) 469-3345
Link to website
Builds websites for auto parts eCommerce retailers, plus other industries
oeconnection oem parts
Proprietary platform(888) 776-5792
Link to website
CollisionLink platform for collision parts sales; RepairLink for repair parts sales; ConsumerLink Pro for online OEM parts sales to consumers; Includes hosting services
miva aftermarket parts
$-$$ + development
Open source SaaS platform(866) 605-9890
Link to website
Has websites selling auto parts as well as other industries; lists Miva developers on the website
Net Driven
net driven aftermarket parts
SaaS platform(877) 860-2005
Link to website
Specializes in tire dealer websites, auto repair shop websites and used car dealer websites
partsites oem parts

Proprietary platform(800) 915-3353
Link to website
For OEM replacement parts only; uses EPIC auto parts catalog software for 42 OEM brands (makes); Includes hosting services; helps manage eBay parts listings
Parts Square
parts square aftermarket parts
Proprietary platform or APINo phone listed
Link to website
Offers a website platform, or an API that integrates into an existing website; Includes hosting services
revolutionparts oem parts

Proprietary platform(480) 525-5177
Link to website
For OEM replacement parts only; works with about two dozen OEM brands including GM, Ford, Honda and others; Includes hosting services; helps manage Amazon and eBay parts listings
RPMWare, Inc
rpmware aftermarket parts
Proprietary platform, uses data from
nearly 300 aftermarket manufacturers
(877) 776-9222
Link to website
Prices start at $399/month, no contracts; Includes credit card processing through FORTIS Payment Systems; Includes hosting services
shopify aftermarket parts

$ + development
Proprietary platformNo phone number listed
Link to website
Three pricing tiers starting at $29/month, includes hosting;
Shopping Cart Elite
shopping cart elite aftermarket parts

Proprietary platform(800) 401-8296
Link to website
Platform designed for auto parts with year/make/model lookup, as well as for other industries; Three tiers of service levels; charges a commission on sales volume;
simplepart oem parts
Proprietary platform(888) 843-0425
Link to website
For OEM replacement auto parts only; works with over a dozen OEM brands including Volkswagen, BMW, Toyota and others; Includes hosting services
sophio aftermarket parts

Proprietary platform. Uses data from
1,000 aftermarket and OEM brands
(888) 563-2591
Link to website
Works with many auto parts data integration partners; Includes hosting services
sure done aftermarket parts
Proprietary platform, integrated with DCi
auto parts catalog software
(877) 773-6755
Link to website
Works with aftermarket and powersports eCommerce retailers; Includes hosting services
trademotion oem parts
Proprietary platform(866) 231-3000
Link to website
Provides websites for dealerships selling OEM auto parts; uses data from
Web Shop Manager
web shop manager aftermarket parts
Proprietary platform, integrated with DCi
and SEMA Data Coop; also accepts
custom data imports
(619) 278-0872
Link to website
Builds websites for auto parts and powersports eCommerce retailers; Includes hosting services

Fitment’s role in the best eCommerce platform for auto parts

best ecommerce platform for auto partsAny automotive eCommerce platform should be able to let a consumer search by keyword, or by fitment. “Fitment” in this case can be the obvious year/make/model, or it can be transmission, drivetrain, bed length, or any number of fitment requirements.

ACES auto parts data defines parts fitment for websites.

Two website categories to know

An auto parts eCommerce website, or auto parts shopping cart, generally falls into one of two categories. It can be a proprietary platform, like Web Shop Manager for example, or it can be an open source platform, like Magento, Drupal or WordPress.

Any auto parts eCommerce website builder using a proprietary platform should understand automotive data and fitment requirements.

Any auto parts eCommerce platform that is open source will require outside development work by a developer that understands data and fitment. That can be in-house development if you’re blessed with an awesome IT team, or that can be done by hiring a outside web developer either an individual or a company. When screening website builders, ask about the ability to provide fitment data, what the source for the data is and if fitment data is included in their price or if it is an extra fee.

Using open source for your auto parts eCommerce platform

Open source platforms include platforms like WordPress (and generally, WooCommerce, the auto parts shopping cart that plugs into WordPress), Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, Volusion, BigCommerce, and ASPDotNetStoreFront. These platforms are typically “free,” but that is misleading because you can invest tens of thousands of dollars in development work.

Some platforms are marketed as open source Software as a Service (SaaS), like Miva, which are hosted services with a monthly “rental” fee. Some SaaS eCommerce platforms don’t describe their software as open source, because they are a proprietary platform and hosted by the developer.

Open source software, or even SaaS websites, let you choose the developer you want to work with. There are typically hundreds or thousands of website builders that specialize in any open source platform. Plugins that add website functionality are typically available for free or for a nominal cost.

Using a proprietary platform for your auto parts site

Proprietary platforms are usually hosted by the website builder. Due to their proprietary nature, custom or advanced programming usually must be done by the builder or by “official” affiliated builders only. This is neither good or bad, you just don’t get to pick the builder you want to work with.

Questions to ask if you’re building a new website

Getting a new auto parts website is complex. Here are just a few questions to ask your website builder:

What will the site navigation look like? How many clicks will it take to get to a product page?
How many clicks will it take to check out and complete an order?
How does a customer verify fitment for an auto part?
How does the site work with vehicle selection (year/make/model)?
What technical support is included and is there an additional charge?
How reliable is your hosting platform and what is your uptime?
How long does it take to respond to technical support issues? How is the technical support team reached?
How much control do I have over the auto parts website’s “look and feel” and branding?
How easily can the auto parts website design be updated?
What is the average website page load time?
How is product data added to the website? How is fitment for products maintained and what is the source for that data? Is it compatible with ACES?
What brands of auto parts do you work with, and am I limited to those brands or are there options for custom data?
How are product prices managed?
How is customer credit card information managed and is the website PCI-compliant?
What payment gateways do you support?
How are fraud orders prevented and managed? Is fraud detection included in the price?
How does site search work? How is it maintained and managed?
Do you work directly with drop shipper warehouses?

Help keep this list updated

What do you think about this list? Did we leave any website provider out or is there an error? Please contact us.

See more on auto parts website design here.