2022 SEMA Show: How Big is SEMA?

Automotive Marketing
The 2022 SEMA Show is scheduled for Nov. 1-4, 2022 and if you're wondering how big is SEMA, we'll attempt to show you the scale and square footage. The new West Hall The new West Hall, across Paradise Avenue (shown here in blue), brings on…
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Number of Licensed Drivers in USA 2022

Automotive Market Research
Need to know how many drivers are in the USA? What's the percentage of Americans with driver's licenses? This information isn't always easy to find, so we put some stats together on the number of licensed drivers in the US 2022 and how many Americans...
car dealer seo

Digital Marketing for Car Dealers

Automotive Marketing
Dealership SEO internet marketing: does car dealer SEO still matter?Does dealership SEO marketing matter anymore? Why, yes, it does! Here's why. Organic traffic is a top source of web traffic for the average car dealer website in 2022.The…