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google search trendsGoogle has released their latest report on online search statistics for motorcycle parts and accessory (P&A) shoppers. Consistent with what we’re seeing for search stats for other categories, searches done on mobile devices are primarily responsible for growth (scroll down for your free copy of the full report, available as a PDF download). Total search queries for motorcycle parts and accessories grew 16% in Q4 2015 over the previous year. Although desktop searches declined 7%, mobile searches grew by 45%, bringing total search volume up.

Google AdWords research: Mobile drives motorcycle parts & accessory eCommerce

If you have an online motorcycle, ATV or powersports P&A store, it’s incredibly important that you make your eCommerce website mobile-friendly in 2016, if it isn’t already. At the bottom of this blog post we have a link so you can test your site and see how mobile friendly it is.

motorcycle parts online marketingGoogle search terms vs. impressions: Mobile shoppers are being selective

This AdWords report covers online search terms on Google for motorcycle parts and accessories, only in the United States. Overall queries grew 16% but impressions significantly outpaced queries with a growth rate of 30%. On the other hand, the average click through rate (CTR) for parts and accessories is only up 2% from a year ago. There are more and more options for the online parts shopper and since search impressions are outgrowing clicks, we recommend an ongoing program to test new keywords, test audiences, build retargeting audience lists and do A/B testing of paid search ads to improve your ROI and gain a competitive advantage.

One amazing statistics is the growth in mobile search impressions, which more than doubled from a year ago. Mobile clicks didn’t quite double but did show an 83% increase.

Test your mobile motorcycle or ATV parts store site

You can do a quick test on your own site to evaluate your results vs. best practices for mobile sites. Just copy any URL from your motorcycle parts store and paste into this handy tool provided by Google. Google will show you exactly what should be improved to make your site mobile-friendly.

Good news for advertisers: CPC dropping from a year ago

In Q4 2015 there was an overall drop in Cost Per Click (CPC) for motorcycle parts and accessory searches. CPC dropped 4% from a year ago. P&A advertisers are paying an overall average of only $0.55 CPC, with mobile CPC a relative bargain at $0.40 CPC.

Should you advertise on Google AdWords?

There’s no question, Google is the single biggest motorcycle and powersports P&A audience in the world. If you’re in the business of selling to the motorcycle, powersports or ATV market, you will reach millions of buying consumers. Online marketing is cost-effective compared to traditional media such as print, television or radio, with the added benefit of giving you 100% accountability on the back end.

Free! Download the latest Google motorcycle parts and accessory search trends report. This report is courtesy of Google AdWords and Hedges & Company. Just click below, the 11 page PDF file is only 400KB and doesn’t take long to download, and we don’t require you to register to get it.

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Download your copy of the Google Motorcycle Parts & Accessory Search Trends report


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