google search trendsIf you need online shopping growth statistics, specifically for the towing market, look no further. Google has released the latest stats for the towing market and consumers are increasing their online search for towing parts and services. Online search queries for towing search terms grew 28% from 2014 in the third quarter, according to a Google search metrics report (scroll to the bottom to download your own free copy of the full report). One important stat is while searches on a desktop PC crept up 4% from the third quarter 2014, searches on a mobile device jumped by 48%. Mobile search is clearly growing at the expense of desktop PCs.

AdWords Research: Towing Ecommerce Is Increasingly Mobile

If you sell auto parts online to the towing market, including truck or RV parts, and your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you need to look into having a responsive design website in 2016.

auto parts online marketing towingGoogle Search Terms vs. Impressions: Mobile Towing Shoppers Are Selective Clickers

This AdWords report covers online search terms on Google for towing parts and accessories or towing services, in the United States. Drilling down, overall queries grew 28% while impressions grew 18%. The average click through rate (CTR) only grew 9% from 2014. Since the towing online shopper might be harder to attract, it’s a good idea to be testing new search keywords, audiences and new ads to maximize CTR and ROI, following Google AdWords best practices.

Mobile searches for Towing jumped 48% Click To Tweet

If we look closely at Google’s reported CTR, the average for desktop towing searches increased 12% while mobile CTR dropped 2%. Overall cost per click (CPC) in the towing category was high at $1.59, with tablet the most economical at $0.98.

Towing CPC Rising From 2014

The third quarter had an increase in overall Cost Per Click (CPC) of 14% from 2014. Desktop CPC increased the lowest amount, at 3%.

Why Advertise on Google: Increase Your Parts and Accessory Sales

Without question, Google is the largest single towing parts and services audience in the world. Marketers selling to the towing market are able to reach consumers right when they’re making buying or brand decisions. It’s 100% measurable, and most cost-effective than other media.

Download your own free copy of the complete Google Towing search trends report, courtesy of Google AdWords and Hedges & Company, by clicking on the link below. The 11 page PDF file is only 400KB so it doesn’t take too long to download. No registration is required.

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Download your copy of the Google Towing Search Trends report


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