Have you ever wondered where automotive enthusiasts find information about products, vehicles, maintenance, and what’s going on in the automotive world? We surveyed automotive enthusiasts who had recently bought or shopped for 66 aftermarket trends and factscrankshafts to learn about their information gathering habits.

Enthusiasts tend to seek information on the internet, in mail order catalogs and through parts and accessories manufacturers more than anywhere else. Listed below are the 15 sources where buyers get their information.

Where buyers find information:

  • Blog
  • Social Media Site (Facebook, LinkedIn…)
  • Magazines
  • Chain Parts Store
  • Car Shows
  • Garage
  • Internet Search
  • Independent Shop
  • Manufacturer
  • Mail order/Catalog
  • Car/Truck Dealer
  • Car/Truck Club
  • Forums
  • Friend/Relative
  • Other

What kind of information do your customers rely on you for?

Check back in tomorrow for a look at crankshaft buyers’ opinions of the leading brands customer service.