Jumpstart Automotive Group released a report on online car shopping trends by U.S. region, showing the top vehicle segments as well as the top shopping considerations. The company analyzed behaviors of automotive website users in 2012 “to draw connections between specific U.S. territories and the most popularly researched vehicles and top car shopping considerations among consumers within those territories.”

vehicle trends by regionThe study found that:

  • People in the Northwest region of the U.S. tend to prefer hybrids and consider price as a priority.
  • Consumers in the Southwest prefer compact cars and focus on the features of a car when considering a purchase.
  • People living in the North Central region look for sedans and SUVs and weigh both price and features evenly when looking to buy.
  • People in the South Central region tend to shop for trucks and focus on price as their priority.
  • Consumers in the Northeast prefer luxury vehicles and focus on features when shopping.
  • People in the Southeast look for luxury vehicles as well, and weigh price and features evenly when shopping.

On a related note our own research has shown over half of Tesla registrations are on the west coast.

Jumpstart also found that California had the largest concentration of used car shoppers, followed by Texas.

We hope this insight gives you a better understanding of automotive shoppers and consumers. Check back in tomorrow for 3 things aftermarket retail stores need to stay ahead of the curve.