66 aftermarket trends and factsHere is our 23rd trend, which gives you a look at how crankshaft buyers view the leading crankshaft brands.

We surveyed 380 automotive enthusiasts who had recently bought or shopped for crankshafts to find out what they think about the leading crankshaft manufacturers. One of the aspects we had enthusiasts rate was the quality of customer service offered by manufacturers.

The top three manufacturers rated for “good customer service” were Compstar, Ford Racing Performance Parts and Summit Racing.

The brands included in the survey were:

  • Compstar
  • Crower
  • Dart
  • Eagle Specialty
  • Ford Racing Performance Parts
  • GM Performance Parts
  • Lunati Cams
  • Mopar Performance
  • Scat
  • Summit Racing
  • World Products

What crankshaft brands do you see doing more to keep their customers happy?

Check in tomorrow for Trend 22: the importance of email in online shopping.