66 aftermarket trends and factsThe automotive industry has been on the path to recovery with vehicle sales up from last year’s numbers and holding strong. A variety of different makes and models of trucks are leading the pack in sales; here is a look at the stats of the top 5.

The top 5 most sold vehicles as of September, 2012 are:

1). Ford F-Series Pickup Trucks – Ford’s popular truck series is the top selling vehicle so far with 463,733 units sold as of September 2012. At this time last year, Ford had sold 416,388 F-Series trucks, marking a rise of 11% in 2012.

2). Toyota Camry – With 314,788 Camrys sold, this is currently the highest-selling car of 2012. At this time last year, 229,521 Camrys had been sold, marking a 37% rise in sales of Toyota’s most popular model.

3). Chevy Silverado Pickup Trucks – Chevrolet’s well-known truck, the Silverado, is the 3rd-highest selling vehicle so far in 2012 with 298,200 units sold.  In September of 2011, 296,436 units had been sold, giving less than a 1% increase in the number of models sold in 2012.

4). Honda Accord – Honda has sold 247,847 of their popular Accord model so far in 2012. Sales of this model are up 37% from September of 2011 when the Accord had sold 181,014 units.

5). Nissan Altima – Nissan’s staple model, the Altima, is the 5th-highest selling vehicle as of September 2012 with 234,040. Last year, the vehicle had sold 200,554 units by this time, marking a 17% increase in sales this year.

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