A popular trend with car manufacturers over recent years has been the integration of the Internet into the vehicle. Recently, manufacturers have been adopting platforms that rely on the driver’s mobile phone for connectivity. This trend is 66 aftermarket trends and factsnow changing as more manufacturers focus on a more direct way to connect vehicles to the web.

At a discussion about the web-connected vehicle at the SF MusicTech Summit event held in October 2012, GM’s Chief Infotainment Officer, Philip Abram, predicted that in 5 years, “software will define the experience in the car.” The main obstacle that manufacturers are facing is coming up with a way to make sure that apps don’t distract the driver and lead to crashes. To combat this problem, and possibly future liability suits, Ford has been working on a research project called “Open XC” that, among other things, would provide information about the car’s RPM speed, parking brake status, and vehicle speed. An algorithm would recognize the car is in motion and would enforce certain behavior on any apps installed on the car.

More information on this topic will be discussed by the group called “Web and Automotive,” which is a part of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), in Rome during November, 2012. The group will discuss driver distraction concerns, situational awareness, as well as opportunities for advertising in the vehicle.

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