Welcome back to our blog for another look at Internet marketing in the automotive aftermarket!

66 aftermarket trends and factsEmail marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach automotive consumers; you can tailor your marketing message to specific consumers to give them material they want to see. Basing email contents on customer purchases and preferences aren’t the only benefits though, email marketing is very cost effective and non-intrusive.

A recent study by Google found that 91% of males in the US check their email at least once a week, 78% check email daily (Source: Google, US male shoppers study). A recent study shows email activity surpasses social media activity, too.

Email can be a powerful tool to keep your automotive parts and accessory customers engaged, boost sales, attract new fans and much more. With so many automotive consumers immersed in their email, reaching them through this medium should be a large part of your marketing plan. Be careful about sending too many emails though, bombarding your opt-in fans and customers with emails will cause them to become disinterested or even decide to opt-out.

Email can be a great way to get customers to come back to your site, and can enhance a paid search remarketing campaign which also brings shoppers back. You can also set up “drip campaigns” which automatically send emails based on triggers such as a birthday, or an automated email that is sent after a specific amount of time has passed, for example two weeks after a customer signs up to join your email mailing list.

How has email worked as a marketing tool for you, to reach the automotive enthusiast consumer? Feel free to post your thoughts on the subject.

Tomorrow we will look at 3 Things to Know About 2009-2013 Ford F-150 Owners


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