Today we’ll take a look at Trend 53: vehicle statistics on domestic models (Ford, GM and Chrysler) with factory V8 engines.66 aftermarket trends and facts

Over the past three decades, the number of V8 engines in vehicles has fluctuated as demand changed and OEMs offered smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles. Here is a look at the number of V8 engines over four decades:
Forty years ago in 1972, 762 models came from the factory with a V8 engine.
Thirty years ago in 1982 it dropped to 451 models with V8 engines.
Twenty years ago in 1992 the number of models with V8 engines dropped again to 323.
Ten years ago, the number of models with V8 engines dropped to 254 in 2002. In 2001, the number of models hit a low of 231, the fewest V8 models since 1962.

In 2012 would you expect that trend to have continued? Or would you be surprised if that trend reversed itself? Today, the number of 2012 models with V8 engines has risen to 422.

Check back in tomorrow when we unveil Trend 52: Enthusiasts Rank The Most Reliable Carburetor Brands.

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