66 aftermarket trends and factsOur 37th market research trend will give you a look at the automotive interests of fuel and oil pump buyers.

380 enthusiasts who had shopped for or purchased a fuel or oil pump took this survey and were given a list of 8 automotive interests to pick any number of activities that they take part in (respondents could choose more than one answer).

The 8 automotive interests were:

  • own a car/truck/off-road club
  • compete in car shows
  • attend motorsports events
  • organize or promote car/truck show
  • member of car or truck club
  • participate in motorsports
  • organize motorsports/racing events
  • participate in off-road events

The top three activities enthusiasts picked were “attend motorsports events,” “member of car or truck club,” and “participate in motorsports.”

What hobbies or activities do your customers take part in?

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