Market research shows how the ordering of a series of choices has an effect on how much you sell.66 aftermarket trends and facts This is important for auto parts online retailers.

The way you order decisions for consumers has a clear impact their buying behavior. A consumer research study at Columbia University used a car configurator to determine whether it was best to put the decisions with more options (such as car color with 56 options) or the decisions with fewer options (like engine size) at the beginning. The study found that customers spent $1,480 more when they started with ‘complex’ decisions than when they started with ‘simple’ decisions.

When presenting consumers with a series of choices, some of which will be complex, it is best to put the complex choices before the simple choices. Consumers are likely to get overwhelmed while making so many choices, and if the simpler choices come later in the process they will be less likely to abort due to choice overload.

(Source: “Behavioural Economics: Changing behaviour without changing minds” by Decode Implicit Marketing; March 2012) (sic)

What tips and tricks do you have for easing the customers’ minds when they are presented with a barrage of choices?

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