66 aftermarket trends and factsConsumers now have endless resources at their fingertips when shopping using a mobile device. At the touch of a button, the scan of a code, a consumer can find endless information about the product on the shelf in front of them; more information than is on the packaging itself in most cases. Product reviews, installation instructions, competitors’ prices and much more are right in their hands. It’s no wonder smartphones or tablets are increasingly becoming a tool to help mobile consumers make buying decisions on auto parts and accessories.

Three market research facts about how smartphones influence consumer buying decisions on auto parts and accessories:

1). 39% of consumers intentionally take their smartphones to a store to research products. This is known as “showrooming.”

2). 38% changed their mind about an in-store purchase after using their smartphone.

3). 36% changed their mind about an online purchase after using their smartphone.

What have your selling experiences been like as new technology emerges, changing the way consumers shop? Are you having to deal with “showrooming?”

Tomorrow we will unveil Trend 45: 5 Facts About Consumer Email Habits.

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