Welcome back to our blog for another look at the Automotive Aftermarket! Here is Market Research Trend 35 covering automotive email marketing: Facts About Consumers Reading Emails on Smartphones.66 aftermarket trends and facts

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach consumers because over 90% check email at least once a day either on a PC or on a mobile device. To maximize effectiveness you can tailor your marketing message to specific consumers to give them material they want to see. Basing email content on customer purchases and preferences aren’t the only benefits though, email marketing is very cost effective and non-intrusive.

Not everyone checks their email on a computer, many consumers nowadays are relying on their smartphones as a primary way to check email. So how often do consumers check their emails on a smartphone?

According to a study by Google, 75% of male consumers in the US use their smartphone to check their email on a daily basis; 88% check their email via smartphone on a monthly basis. (Source: Study by Google, US male shoppers)

With so many consumers using their smartphones to check email, it’s a good idea to make sure your marketing emails are smartphone friendly. A few things you can do to ensure your smartphone savvy audience include having a link to a text version of your email. This will give your audience the option to view a faster loading version of your email and even reduce the chances it will be marked as spam.

Another good idea is to keep the width of your email less than 750 pixels so users don’t have to zoom out to get an overview. Keep your subject line short as well, so your audience can read the whole thing at a glance. Also, keep file sizes down, and don’t use too many images. Mobile internet is slower than a desktop connection, so your email may load too slow for a mobile user. Keep them waiting too long and they will likely give up. Remove Flash from any pages you link to from your email. Mobile Apple products don’t support it and the iPhone and iPad represent the most mobile web traffic of any mobile device. Replace Flash with HTML5, CSS, Javascript, or even an HTML based application.

What experiences have you had with modifying your email campaign for smartphone users?

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