66 aftermarket trends and facts

The Dodge Challenger resurfaced in 2008 after being dormant for 25 years, thrilling Mopar fans and muscle car enthusiasts alike. The third generation of its kind, the 2008-2013 Challenger sold over 100,000 vehicles in its first 4 years of resurgence. Here are some vehicle registration statistics about the new age of Challenger owners:

1). 30% of 2008-2013 Challenger owners have an estimated credit risk score of 730-769.

2). 2008-2013 Challenger owners have an average household income of $73,993; for comparison the average household income is around $51,000.

3). 78% of 2008-2013 Challenger owners are male and 22% are female.

What experiences have you had selling to the new generation of Challenger owners?dodge challenger

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