Our 30th trend will give you a look at 2007-2013 GMC Sierra (1500) owners and a bit of a comparison to its counterpart, the Silverado. Like the Silverado, Sierra sales in the US have fluctuated with an overall decline since 2005 with a slight rise in the past 2 years. Here are the available yearly sales figures:
2007: 208,243
2008: 168,544
2009: 111,842
2010: 129,794
2011: 149,170

He66 aftermarket trends and factsre are 3 things you should know about Sierra owners:

1). 43% of 07-13 Sierras on the road are flex fuel type vehicles, 56% are gasoline and less than 1% are compressed natural gas (CNG).

2). 07-13 Sierra owners have an average household income of $65,708; for comparison the average household income is around $51,000 and the Silverado owners’ average was $63,703.

3). 87% of 07-13 Sierra owners are male and 13% are female.

Is selling to GMC Sierra owners similar to selling to Silverado owners? Share your thoughts below.

Check back in tomorrow for a look at the future of Amazon.com.

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