66 aftermarket trends and facts Here’s a look at top intake manifold brands most recognized by consumers. Brand awareness is a very important metric for any aftermarket brand. Results are based on our surveys to over 3,000 automotive enthusiasts who hadmarket research reports shopped for or purchased intake manifolds.

Survey respondents were able to choose from a list of intake manifold brands they were familiar with. It was multiple choice so they were able to choose more than one brand. They were also able to write-in any brand that was not on the list. Of the 17 total brands in the report, Edelbrock, Holley and Weiand (alphabetical order) were the intake manifold brands consumers were most familiar with. (The report is located here.)

What brands of intake manifolds do your customers prefer? Feel free to post comments or questions below. Watch for future facts about camshaft buyers, carburetor buyers and more.

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