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Automotive Market Research Reports: BuyerZoom and BrandZoom

New automotive aftermarket market research reports are now available for purchase online, direct from Hedges & Company’s new Market Research Store. These marketing research reports are based on consumer perceptions and opinion data, gathered after inviting over 100,000 automotive enthusiasts to participate in a market research survey, and include data never-before reported in the automotive aftermarket.

These new research reports fall into two categories. BuyerZoom™ research reports are part-specific and analyze how enthusiast consumers shop for specific products including gaskets, camshafts, cylinder heads, carburetors, engine blocks, intake manifolds, valve springs, valves, rocker arms, pistons, lifters, crankshafts and more. The research reports currently cover 18 engine products and new reports are being published in the Market Research Store continuously. More consumer opinion research is being conducted now to expand the research library to include light truck accessories and drive train parts. BuyerZoom reports reveal how consumers make purchasing decisions, what influences these decisions, the amount of time it takes to make a purchase decision, car and truck magazines read and websites visited, and more. Each research report is specific to each product type, so the Gasket BuyerZoom report covers how consumers who have purchased or shopped for gaskets over a 12-month span made decisions to purchase gaskets. Likewise, the Camshaft BuyerZoom report covers consumer behavior only for consumers who purchased or shopped for cams over a 12-month span.

BrandZoom™ research reports are also part-specific and go into detail on auto aftermarket brand perception. These reports show how consumers rank quality, price, customer service, reliability, whether they would recommend to a friend, and other key elements.

BrandZoom and BuyerZoom automotive aftermarket market research reports

BrandZoom and BuyerZoom aftermarket research reports

Enthusiast consumers who participated in this market research project selected brands they were familiar with and picked from a list of 13 words or phrases that described their perception of brand names. Like BuyerZoom reports, each BrandZoom research report is specific to each product type, so the Cylinder Head BuyerZoom reports consumer perception on cylinder head brand names, only from consumers who have purchased or shopped for gaskets over a 12-month span.

BuyerZoom Reports in Detail

A typical BuyerZoom research report covering consumer behavior is 26 pages, in PDF format. BuyerZoom reports can be purchased online with a credit card or PayPal and are available for immediate download. Each BuyerZoom report includes:
•    Reasons for buying the part type
•    Type of vehicle the part type was purchased for
•    Where buyers find information on the part type
•    Amount of time between decision and purchase
•    Key factors in deciding where to buy
•    Amount of time from decision to actual purchase
•    The first engine part purchased
•    Top 25 magazines read
•    Top 25 websites visited
•    Where purchased parts & accessories in past 12 months
•    Primary reason for buying parts & accessories
•    Frequency of part & accessory purchase
•    And much more

BrandZoom Reports in Detail

A typical BrandZoom research report covering consumer’s perceptions of brand names is 44 pages, in PDF format. BuyerZoom research reports can also be purchased online for immediate download. In each BuyerZoom report respondents selected automotive aftermarket brand names they were familiar with and picked from this list to describe their opinion of those brands:
•    Behind the times
•    Boring and uninteresting
•    Cool & trendy
•    Easy to install
•    Economy product
•    Good customer service
•    Innovative/cutting edge technology
•    Overpriced
•    Quality product
•    Reliable
•    Trusted brand
•    Unreliable
•    Would recommend
BrandZoom reports also cover demographics by product type, so for example the Camshaft BrandZoom research report includes age and income of consumers who shopped for or purchased that product type over a 12-month span.

Who Are These Reports For?

BrandZoom and BuyerZoom research reports were designed to be useful for manufacturers and retailers. Manufacturers can measure how their brand stacks up against other competing brands or make decisions on how and where to spend their marketing budget. They can also know how consumers perceive their brand in order to focus efforts or fine-tune strategic marketing plans. Retailers will appreciate knowing where and how consumers shop for specific types of products, to make better marketing and advertising decisions. They’ll also be able to do a better job selling specific types of products as well as specific brands.

The “Fine Print”

All survey responses and the opinions expressed or implied in these survey reports are those of the respondents and not those of Hedges & Company. All trademarks appearing in these reports are used solely for non-commercial evaluation purposes and without the sponsorship or permission of the trademark owners. Hedges & Company is not affiliated with any trademark owner. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All reports are licensed for the individual use of the purchasing Licensee and may not be distributed to any other entity or person without express written consent by Hedges & Company.

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