Hedges & Company was featured on RSS Ray’s radio show February 9, covering email marketing and email best practices. The landing page on RSS Ray’s site is here and a link to the podcast is available on that page.

Topics covered on the RSS Ray show included:

  • Managed email marketing vs. self-serve email marketing: Hedges & Company manages email marketing and customer segmentation for clients, there is no software to buy, no training, no additional employees to hire and no learning curve. Hedges & Company also manages customer databases and is able to provide customer database segmentation.
  • Email marketing segmenting: Your customers aren’t identical, why send them all identical emails? Customers have unique interests and buying history. By segmenting your customer file and crafting targeted emails, your click-through rates and your sales will go up. We also cover this on our website here.
  • The importance of a meaningful message: Today, marketing is all about relevancy. If your marketing message, especially in email marketing, is not targeted and relevant to your recipient, you’re wasting your money, your customer’s time and your reputation.
  • Tips to improve email results: It it important to test offers, subject lines, days you send emails, time of day you send emails, and other variables.
  • Email marketing testing: Hedges & Company provides extensive testing for clients. Here’s a free tip for anyone testing email subject lines: Take two groups of your customers and send one group “Subject Line A” and the other “Subject Line B.” Wait 24 hours and see which subject line has better open rates and/or click-through rates, then roll out the rest of your emails using the winning subject line. That email subject line is now your “control” so further testing will reveal if the control is best or if you can continue to improve your open rates.
  • How to determine email marketing ROI: Since everything can be tracked, watch for click-throughs to your website. Track your conversion rates to see which sales can be tracked back to an email. We have more email marketing ROI data here.

We’d like to thank RSS Ray for the chance to appear on his show. Catch RSS Ray’s program every Wednesday at 1:30 pm Eastern/10:30 Pacific for free tips on online and email marketing.